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Regional Organizations

During the last decades the Safe Community movement found that not only International Safe Community Support Centres were needed but also Regional Support Organizations. Their main task is to support Communities in their efforts to develop quality to the level of being designated – and re-deignated within five years. They also in some instances offer a possibility of a democratically elected network for co-operation between communities. Every second year - even years - they also organize regional Safe Communities Conferences. International conferences are organised odd years.

Asian Network for Safe Communities

Has been chaired by Mr Tang from Hong-Kong the last period and a new election perion has just started. In the Asian region a network of Support Centres are under construction as well.The Asian Network operates in accordance with an adopted Constitution.

European Network for Safe Communities

The ESCON board is presently chaired by Sabine Distl from Austria ( Eva J. Vaagland from the Norwegian Safety Forum is vice chair of this network. 

The Network operates in accordance with an adopted Constitution.

Latin- American Network for Safe Communities

This network is chaired by Professor Maria Gutierrez. They organize biannual regional conferences in Spanish-speaking countries.