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Successful site-visit

Matsubaru was successfully approved in the site-visit Aug.3-4. 2023. Certifiers were Jeongyee Bae, Reza Mohammadi and Guldbrand Skjönberg. Matsubara city has a long and successful history as an International Safe Community. The city obtained the first designation as an International Safe Community in 2013 and was Re-designated 2018 and is now ready for the 3rd-designation. The Safe Community program is well described in the application and covers all risk factors and risk situations. According to the 5th Master Plan (2019 to 2026) are Matsubara are promoting systematic and planned community development with the three pillars: “Creating a safe city that generates vitality,” “developing a city where people grow and shine,” and “Communicating the city’s appeal and promoting it together with citizens.” The mayor is very much engaged in the program