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Online Certification

As a cosequence of the covid-19 pandemic ISCCC has now worked out a system for online certification as an alternative to site-visitt







Online Certification


A written application would be submitted as normal and will remain the foundation of the assessment.

As in a site-visit, it is important that as many contributors to the Safe Community program as possible can participate in the online meeting (including, politicians, civil servants, representatives of contributing government organisations, representatives from voluntary organisations and representatives from the local business sector. To facilitate effective communication the ISCCC will use two Go-to-Meeting channels:

  1. Certifier channel conducted in English (facilitated by the host certifier)
  2. Community channel conducted in the native language (facilitated by national support centre).

Each Go-to-Meeting channel can have up to 230 computers connected. Community members and invited observers from other communities, may observe and use the Go-to-Meeting community channel conducted in their native language.

A professional Interpreter would act as a conduit of communication between the English Go-to-Meeting certifier channel and the community channel (this cost would be in lieu of international travel costs)

The panel of certifiers will consist of three certifiers and up to three adjunct certifiers or certifiers in training.

The virtual on-line certification assessment will consist of:

  1. Preparatory meeting. During this meeting the internet link will be tested and optimum use of the software discussed. The program for the online evaluation will then be negotiated by the community and the certifiers. The community can nominate examples of good practice they would like to present and any areas that they would like to discuss with the supervisors for feedback and support. The certifiers will also nominate areas they want the community to present during the online meetings, to verify the content of the application, identify good examples and to allow better understanding of the safe community program.
  2. Governance and surveillance – 2 hours. This meeting will consist of introduction of the certifiers and the community, after which the community will give presentations about the organisation and governance of the overall Safe Community program (Indicator 1), its surveillance systems, key results and how they were used to set priorities within the program (Indicator 5).
  3. The Safe Community program and its projects - 2 hours. This meeting will consist of presentations of projects as negotiated by the community and certifiers during the preparatory meeting. There will be purposeful sampling of the overall program to ensure that all indicators are covered. It is not necessary, or expected, that all groups and projects will need to present.
  4. Future plans, quality improvement program and evaluation – 2 hours. During this meeting the community will present and discuss their quality improvement programs with examples of how this has impacted on program organisation, design and implementation, their self-evaluation and reflections of their progress (Indicator 6), plans for the next 5 years, and their past and future engagement with the national and international safe community networks (Indictor 7). The meeting will end with a summary of the evaluation by the certifier and the Mayors response and closure.

Fees: The total fees will not be changed

  • Overall ISCCC fees and fees for the certifiers would remain the same.
    • ISCCC: 770 euro or 590 euro
    • Certifiers: 2300 euro in total
      • Lead certifier: 900 euro
      • Co-certifiers (x2): 700 euro

Designation ceremony and Safe Community program showcase.

  • It is important for the community to present and celebrate their achievements to the certifier, their own Safe Community coalition members and any visiting communities.
  • Where possible, it is still highly desirable for the certifier to attend in person for the safe community program showcase and designation ceremony.
  • The program for the showcase and designation ceremony will be negotiated between the certifier and then community.