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New chair and new board elected

In the bi annual meeting in December a new chairman and new board was elected

The Board consists of following persons


  • Reza Mohammadi (Sweden) 


Vice Chairpersons 

  • JoonPil CHO (Republic of Korea) 
  • Barbara Minuzzo (Australia) 


Board members 

  • Yoko Shiraishi (Japan) 
  • NamSoo Park (Republic of Korea) 
  • Homayoun Sadeghti-Bazargani (Iran) 
  • Guldbrand Skjönberg (Sweden) 
  • Ge Shiyou (China) 
  • Lu Pai (Taiwan, Province of China) 
  • Alexander V Kudryavtsev (Russia) 
  • Maria Isabela Guitarez (Columbia)