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Chair's message to Toshima

Dear colleagues and friends in Toshima Safe Community (SC),
I am very sorry to hear that Mayor Yukio TAKANO has left us. His name would not be forgotten because of his great involvement in the SC in Japan.
Mr TAKANO has made a prominent role in introducing the SC model in Toshima in 2010, and managed to provide all requirements in order to designate officially the city as an international SC in 2012.
He has made a significant influence on the other communities in Japan as well, and successfully supported spreading the SC movement to other communities.
For example, among thirteen designated communities in Japan, four communities
launched SC programs after learning from Mayor Takano. 
Hereby I would like to extend my deep condolences to his family, his colleagues, and other SCs in Japan and around the world.
May his soul rest in peace.
With Best Regards 
Reza Mohammadi
Reza Mohammadi, MD, MPH, PhD
International Safe Community Certifying Centre