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Busan now re-designated

Busan in the Republic of Korea is now re-designated. It is a large city with 3,5 million inhabitants . The city has developed an very interesting program for Safety

Busan is a large metropolitan city on the south eastern corner of the Korean Peninsula with a population of 3.5 million people.  It is the second largest city in the Republic of Korea.

The Busan Safe Community program has been running for 10 years.  It was launched in 2009 and re-designated in 2014.

Eight taskforces are co-ordinated by the Busan Metropolitan International Safe Community steering committee

  1. Suicide prevention
  2. Traffic safety
  3. Fall prevention
  4. Violence prevention
  5. Disaster prevention & preparedness
  6. Tourism and Marine safety
  7. School safety

There has been a 30% reduction in injury deaths in the period 2012 to 2017.  The economic cost on injury was estimated at $796 M USD in 2009 reducing to $689M USD in 2017, a saving of $108M USD.  Busan was awarded the Safety Culture Grand Prize of the president in 2014, 2015 and 2018.

The international Safe Community Research centre was established in 2011 to provide technical assistance, especially with regard to collecting and interpreting surveillance data, maintaining and promulgating expertise in best practice community safety promotion.

Busan has been exceptionally active in the national and international safe community networks hosting the 7th international Asian Region Conference (2014), providing a booth at the 9th Asian Safe Community conference (Atsugi 2018) and has sending representatives to a large number of international and regional safe community conferences.


Congratulations Busan on your re-designation as an International safe Community on the second of October 2019.