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The Safe Community Network

The international network of Safe Communities as models for others was established since 1989, the so called Safe Community Network. Now there are members 407 members (December 2019).

There are Internatioal Safe Communities in 30 countries.

In many countries are national networks supporting the communities.

There also are following regional networks:

  • Asian Network for Safe Communities
  • European Network for Safe Communities
  • Latin- American Network for Safe Communities
  • African Network for Safe Communities

In the Internatioal net there are 23 certified International Safe Community Support Centres


An organization can be appointed as a Safe Community Support Centre, by providing advice and assistance in the field of safety promotion to the communities. The following centres so far 23 have been appointed (September 2019)

Royal Children's Hospital Safety Centre, Melbourne Australia

The Occupational Safety and Health Council, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China,;;

Centre for Peace Action, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa

Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB) replacing
Institute of Child & Mother Health, Dhaka

Centre for Injury Prevention and Community Safety Promotion, Suwon Republic of Korea

National Safety Council, Chicago, USA

China Occupational Safety & Health Association (COSHA) , China, China

University of North Carolina Injury Prevention Research Center ; USA

Taiwanese Community Safety Promotion Center, Taiwan Repubilc of China

National Center for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, Novi Sad, Serbia

CISALVA Institute, Universidad del Valle-;

Injury Control Center, UK

Norwegian Safety Forum/ Skadeforebyggende forum Norway


Japan Institution for Safe Communities (JISC) In Japanese

National Association of Councils for Citizen Participation, Mexico
Asociación Nacional de Consejos de Participación Cívica, A.C.

Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Centre USA

Instttute of Public Health of Republic of Macedonia

Department for Violence and Injury control  and Prevention

Professor Tozija Fimka

Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (CIPSP), Örebro University, Sweden

Tabriz International Safe Community Support Centre, Iran
Homayoun Sadeghi Bazargani

Tallinn University Haapsalu College, Estonia
Hele Leek-Ambur Aili Laasner

Safe Schools, USA