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How to become an International Safe Community?

A “Safe Community” can be a: Municipality; a County; a City or a District of a City working with safety promotion, Injury-, Violence- and Suicide- prevention and prevention of the consequences (human injuries) related to Natural Disaster, covering all age groups, gender and areas and is a part of an international network of accredited programmes.

The Safe Community initiative differs in comparison to other injury prevention programs. In an International Safe Community, the community itself plays the leading role. The term Safe Community implies that the community work for increased safety in a structured approach, not that the community is already perfectly safe. Creative methods of education, physical planning and environmental change joined with appropriate regulations and enforcement are an important beginning for the safety of a community. An International Safe Community use the traditional means of control such as economic, regulations and governing by objectives and visions. No single approach is sufficient for changing existing behaviour patterns. Heightening of public awareness is also very import.

Programs to prevent and control injuries and accidents must identify and characterise the injury problem and evaluate the effectiveness of injury control interventions. Though epidemiology is not the soul of the safe communities concept, the vital importance of it must be respected.

It still needs a comprehensive work to develop safety so accident and injuries decrease to absolute minimum. We are welcoming all who want to participate and share experience and be one of the models in our network

Here is a short description of the applying process.

1. The community starts the certifying process by filling in the "Letter of intent" signed by the Mayor
and send it to International Safe Community Certifying Centre (ISCCC) General manager Guldbrand Skjönberg e-mail: . Note the letter of intent must be sent as a word-file.

2. After that the community get an invoice 770 Euro that is the administration fee to ISCCC

3. When the fee is paid the community starts the certifying process by filling in the applicaion Form .

4. ISCCC appoint certifier and co-certifier accredited by ISCCC. The application process is described …

5. Normally discussions takes place between the certifiers and the community about the application

6. When the certifiers are satisfied with the application the certifier and the community decide about a site-visit. Normally two days. The site-visit is an occasion when the certifier verify the content in the application. An alternativ to site-visit performed by the certifier ISCCC have worked out an alteritiv with vertual on-line certification.

7, After the site-visit the community normally makes some changes in the applicaion Form .

8. The applicaion Form . sends to the Chair and the General Manager for final clearece.

9. The community and the certifier decide about day for designation.

10 The community organise a seminar for politicians, non-governmental organisations and local administrations and also normally invite other International Safe Communities and communities that starts their safety work and other interested communities and organisations.


The applicants have to pay the travelling costs (economy class) and accommodation as well as compensation for the work to the certifier and co-certifier

Assembly for International Safe Community Support Centre have decided  following fees for certification in Euro.


Fees for ISCCC








590 when using the computer-based system



3070+ travel (economy class) + accommodation

Re-designation after five years***:


390 when using the computer-based system



1720 + If any travels the compensation is as above.

Every 10th year re-designation:


390when using the computer-based system



2720 + travel (economy class) + accommodation

*This is the total cost for the community and no more cost for tax, insurance or payroll tax etc. can be charged.

** The certifier is expected to participate in site-visit and designation ceremony.

*** The certifier can decide that a site-visit is needed also after five years if there are reasons for that. The compensation than will be 2000 Euro to the certifier.


The fee is excluding:

  • Brass Plaque
  • Safe Community flags