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In English


The Stockholm Manifesto 1989 Pdf


The International

Safe Community Movement

The Scientific Base. (Power point)


The International Safe Community Movement Safer than Ever (Power point)

Leif Svanström*

Chair International Safe Community Certifying Centre and

Department of Public Health Sciences Karolinska Institutet




Safety Promotion an Introduction2004, GLENN WELANDER


Suicide Prevention 2nd edition: Jairo Osorno, Leif Svanström, Jan Beskow (pdf)


Webinars from Victorian Safe Communities Network

1. Safety Promotion Injury Prevention

2.Translating research evidence information practice using the international Safe Community

3. Home Fire Safety



Workshops from Victorian Safe Communities Network

Injury Prevention Consultation Workshop 2017 – presentations


Videos from Victorian Safe Communities Network 



Second education program for International Safe Community Certifiers 2017.


Application to the second education program for certifiers

The final seminar in Tabriz, Iran. September 2018


Traffic Safety 

Road Safety Annual Report 2022


In Chines


1. WHO Violence Against Women Inforgraphic - Chinese.pdf

2. WHO INSPIRE report - Chinese.pdf

3. WHO INSPIRE - Executive Summary - Chinese.pdf WHO

4. WHO Child Maltreatement.pdf