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Zhangjiang, Shanghai

Safe Community Zhangjiang 

Number of inhabitants:
Program started year:
International Safe Communities Network Membership:
Designation Year 2009 Full application available:

For further information ,please contact:

Yao Deming
Deputy Director ,Organizing Office of Zhangjiang Safe Community People’s Government of Zhangjiang Town
No.576 Zhangjiang Rd Pudong New Area, Shanghai, PR China

Phone: 86-21-50799886 Fax: 86-21-50799886


The People’s Republic of China 63000

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The programme covers the following safety promotion activities: For the age group

Children 0-14 years:

  • Regular check on pregnant, sponsored by local health care centre

  • Analyze data to find risk factors related to children injury.(by gender and place factors)

  • Investigate teachers and parents’ opinions on risk factors related to children's injuries

  • Promote safety training and education on safety issues to kindergarten teachers and immerge

    safety education in children’s daily lives by building a education platform on the basis of their living, teaching and playing to improve children’s self-protection awareness and good safety habits, safety training lessons include: food poison prevention, children accident prevention, fire prevention symposium, first-aid traing, etc.

  • Targeting at common accidents in kindergartens, organize specific activities “Focus on Life and Health”.

  • Invite traffic police officers, fire fighters, personnel from hospitals and other cross-sectional units to perform face to face training and drills.

  • Eliminate safety hazards in kindergartens to reduce injuries caused by risk factors in the environment: installing antiskid devices on steps with hard surface, wooden railing designed for children on stairs, soft coverings on posts, round edges on window sills, devices preventing doors from closing accidentally.

  • Work out comprehensive accident contingency countermeasures. Youth 15-24 years:

(see details in School, Home, Traffic, Occupational)

Adults 25-64 years:

(see details in Home, Traffic, Occupational)

Elderly 65+ years:

Buffer zone

Analyze injury data and identify hazards for the elderly
o analysisofstatisticsofinjuriestreatedinhealthservicecenter o surveyoftheagedontheirawarenessofinjuries

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cataract checkup for the elderly in community

  • A cross-sectional organization was set up with joint efforts from organizing office for setting up Safe Community, working group for household safety, committee of the aged, homes for the aged, community medical service centers, volunteers and residents (villagers’) committees to analyse injury data of the aged.

  • Implement safety education to improve their awareness, including set up activity rooms by shanghai standard to provide them with places for exercises and promote the new concept of healthy old age through various activities.

  • The elderly who live alone are one of the most vulnerable groups to get injuries, in order to improve the quality of their lives, the in home care taking center for the aged and its subsidiaries provided in home services to the aged living alone to cover their basic living needs.

  • Improve environments to eliminate safety risks
    o weinvitedexperttoinspectandevaluateenvironmentsinordertoeliminatehazardsto

    safety of the aged.
    o eliminatesafetyhazardsinhomesfortheagedwithremodellings. o Install“ankangtong”toprovidefirst-aidfortheelderpeople

  • Project of restoring sights

  • Government, schools, enterprises and institutions are twinned with the elders. More than 10

    activities were held in Chung Yeung Festival last year, one of the traditional Chinese festivals aiming at care for the old.

    At the following environments:
    In specific, we take the natural gas as target project for home safety, considering that there were more injuries and deaths.

    • Set up a network based on all resident committees, resident teams and block leaders under

      long-term management, which means to give feedback to relative sector when there are safety


    • Make and improve the emergency preparedness to deal with accidents caused by gas and

      keep alarm calls on all-round, in order to set up a emergency disposal and rescue system.

    • Establish the gas safety intervention programme workstation and test site for accident

      investigation and analysis in each resident committee.

    • Pay much attention on publicity and education to increase the awareness of safe use of gas,

      which includes:

    • Invite the gas company to carry out the “supply service to society” activities

    • Arrange training and education for residents committee staff, volunteers and block leaders

    • carry out “small hand in big hands” activities in winter break

    • printed over 60,000 reminder stickers, one to be put on gas stoves and one to be put on water


    • Set up show rooms with facilities, combined with photo gallery

    • Enforce improvement and increase the implementation rate

      o Specifydutiesandenforceimprovement
      o Carryoutsafetyinspectionandeliminatesafetyhazards o Proactivelypreventandeliminatesafetyhazards


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Establish and improve the system for data collection, statistics and analysis on road traffic injuries, develop targeted prevention activities.

 Traffic safety promotion and injury prevention measures
Distribute police force properly, make full use of other parties
Designate civilized intersections
Carry out ongoing control actions against targeted offences
Set up control mechanism on drunk driving
Implement “one police officer for one school” project
Implement promotion events in large squares on “5.25 safe traffic day”.
In order to grasp the real-time condition of roads under construction and take actions on

jammed intersections, weekly meeting with construction project departments are held.
Sign a safe traffic responsibility pledge with each undergoing construction project. Carry

out daily inspections, weekly meetings, monthly evaluations and accountability

Improve traffic directing and road conditions
According to the progress of construction and daily inspections, implement actively minor

changes and alterations together with municipal affairs administration and construction unit

to improve routes, increase traffic capacity and eliminate traffic safety hazards.
Improve protective measures in construction sites: inspect each new construction site, enforce the implementation of protective measures—follow strictly the rule of “triangle line of sight” to reserve safety zones, put up safety devices such as traffic warning, direction

signs, reflective cones, warning lights at night ,etc.


  • First, we analyzed on the injury accidents to find out the causes, then Implementation of intervention and prevention measures

  • Set up and improve the administrative network for workplace safety. An office was set up with the cooperation of cross-sectional organization, police force and fire service. One personnel form the office was designated to each residents(villagers’) committee. A service team of 20 people for safe working place was set up in September 2006, responsible for educating, guiding and inspecting the safety work of small enterprises and working places.

  • Continuously improve the evaluation system of workplace safety credit of small enterprises. According to the Notice on Evaluation on Working place Safety Credit of Small Enterprises, we performed elementary evaluations and first round of re-evaluation of 554 enterprises and businesses from seven aspects.

  • Set up and improve the system of various trainings to improve safety awareness of the managers and workers Personnel from the Town safety committee and the sub-division for safety surveillance participated actively in lectures and trainings organized by the city and communities.

  • Wide dissemination of workplace safety and create the atmosphere of safety In June, the month of Work Safety, and on November 9, Fire Safety Day, we conducted propaganda to create the atmosphere of work safety by road campaigns, over 60 banners, distributing 8000 work safety pamphlets, about 40 blackboard newspapers, film showing and broadcasting, over 10 lectures and etc.

  • Conduct inspections on safety hazards to reduce and prevent injury accidents. We worked out a administration plan by grid division and conducted inspections on safety hazards. Thereafter, sectional responsibilities were laid to specific teams and inspection duties were assigned to each individual.

  • Increase penalties to regulate safety orders in workplaces according to the law, the Safety Inspection Team of Zhangjiang diligently conducted regulation enforcement within consigned areas and increase the level of penalties on safety hazards in working places.


All students receive first aid and life-saving training, under the guide of local healthcare centre. Zhangjiang Community 163 Page 4

  • Implement “one police officer for one school” project: ensure one police officer for each of middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens for regular contact and promotion of safe traffic and traffic law education, and improve safe traffic awareness in parents even the whole society through children.

  • in order to further the education on fire control of residents, a show room and training quarter were set up in Zhangjiang broadcast center. Students are organized to watch the exposition regularly.


  • put up safe community posters and safety tips on bulletin board of parks, residential areas and supermarkets.

  • set up activity rooms by shanghai standard to provide the elderly with places for exercises, thus the health of elderly in community is greatly improved.

  • Improve environments to eliminate safety risks, which include installing wooded steps to buffer the space between pavilion floors and the ground and prevent falls, installing antiskid floors on hallways to prevent falls and installing railings in hallways, in view of the inconvenience when the elderly walk


    Fire safety programme

    • Analysis on characteristic of residential fire, probe into the reasons of fire happening and spreading, contain the main reason, place of fire (rental apartments, illegal constructions and relocation houses) and vulnerable group of fire accident.

    • Set up fire control network

    • Initiated by No.2 brigade of fire department, meetings at different levels are held to report and

      communicate feedbacks from residents and inspections and eliminations of safety hazards,

    • implement education of residents on safe fire control detailed information to improve their

      awareness by putting up poster in bulletin boards, blackboard newspapers, distributing flyers,

      home visits by volunteers.

    • Trainings of residents on fire control skills and organizing fire control knowledge contest in the


    • Carry out administration and maintenance of facilities

      Violence prevention (intentional injuries):

Carry out investigation and complete the analysis report on injury cases reported to police in


Suicide prevention (self-inflected injuries):
Psychological consulting for the aged recently, with the increase of financial burdens and

empty-nest phenomenon, more and more elderly are faced with psychological problems, resulting in more cases of self-mutilation. We implemented interventions before hand to prevent injuries.

Programs aiming at ”High risk-groups”:
(see details in Children, the Elderly, Occupational)

Programs aiming at ”Vulnerable groups”:

  • “7259” help the aged and disabled project. There are 18 households in the situation of one or

    two aged parents supporting a disabled child. Five volunteers spend two hours each day

    visiting and helping them and other disabled with problems in their lives.

  • Early recuperation training project. Trainers were arranged to perform recuperation trainings

    for 9 disabled children in their homes.

  • Free passes for taking ferries, subways and other track transport were given to 17 disabled

    residents for the convenience of their travelling.

  • We are gradually expanding the building of obstacle-free facilities so that the handicapped can

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