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Yonghe Community, Luogang District


Yonghe Sub-district Web Information




   Community Name: Yonghe Sub-district, Luogang District, Guangzhou

Country: China

Number of inhabitants in the community: 65498

Safe Community Programme started year: 2010

International Safe Communities Network Membership:

Designation year:2014

Name of the Safe Community Support Centre: China Occupational Safety and Health Association(COSHA)

Name of Certifier: Guldbrand Skjönberg, Sweden

Name of Co-certifier: Henk Harberts, Australia

Info address on www for the Programme:


Further Contact:

Name: Xia Zhicheng

Institution: Yonghe Sub-district Office of the People’s Government of Luogang District, Guangzhou Municipality

Address: 81 Yaotianhe Street, Luogang District, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Zip code: 511356

Municipality/ City: Guangzhou City/Guangdong Province

Country: China

Phone ((country code included): +86-20-32981155

Fax: +86-20-32982011


Info address on www for the institution (or community as a whole):


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