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Wood Buffalo

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Name of Community: Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Country: Canada
Number of inhabitants: 103 334 (2008 Census) Programme started year: 1992

International Safe Communities Network Membership: Yes Designation year: 1995, Re-designations2005, 2010
Web Site for the programme: International Safe Community No: 12

For Further Information contact:
Name: Elaine Read or Jennifer Smith
Institution: Safe Community Wood Buffalo
Address: #206, 10010 Franklin Avenue
Postal Code: T9H 2K6 City: Fort McMurray, AB
Country: Canada
Phone (Country code included): 1-780-743-0006;

Wood Buffalo Safe/Healthy Community Network


Key Updates (since December 7, 2005)

Population Growth

With the economic boom of the oil sands, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has seen rapid population growth. According to the 2008 Municipal Census, the region has a population of 103,334 – an increase of 41.2% from 2005. From 1999-2008, the region has seen an average growth rate of 10.5% and, between 2005-2008, work camps accounted for 53% of the population growth.

Priority Setting

Fax: 1-780-791-0088

In 2009, over sixty community stakeholders participated in a Priority Setting exercise organized by Safe Community Wood Buffalo. Participants at this exercise reviewed injury statistics and perception statements to identify through community consensus the top injury priorities for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Quantitative Data: Injury statistics for the RMWB and the Northern Lights Health Region were reviewed with participants and given a ranking based on frequency per 100,000 population.
Qualitative Assessment: Participants ranked the injury issues according to their perception of the issue as it related to 7 defined qualitative statements.

Top 3 injury priorities based on final rankings: 1. MotorVehicles
2. Falls
3. Suicide&SelfHarm

Safe Community Wood Buffalo is committed to working closely with stakeholders to address all three injury issues: the first two are being addressed through the Road Safety Wood Buffalo Committee and Childhood Injury Prevention Committee. The third priority, Suicide & Self Harm, will be addressed in 2011.

Community Involvement
Road Safety Wood Buffalo Committee
. Committee Chair: Elaine Read

Launch of local road safety web-site:

  • RoadWatchOnTheMove campaign: winner of 2 awards in 2008 : National

    Safe Communities Award of Excellence and runner-up for CN Safer

    Alberta Awards. Campaign is designed around visual messaging.

  • Presenter at Calgary Injury Prevention Coalition/Safer Calgary

  • Complete Streets- host. This workshop provided residents with an

    opportunity to assess current conditions for sustainable transportation, understand its strengths, weaknesses and priorities, learn best practices for design, and provide input on next steps. A follow-up charette process is in the planning stages.

  • Top 6 high collision intersections identified and signage erected.

  • Radar recorder purchased to monitor traffic flow, speed, gap and vehicle

    size at identified hazardous locations

  • Road Safety and Winter Driving presentations developed for deliver to

    community: industry requests, new immigrants, general public

  • Curb the Danger event looked at a campaign to reduce impaired


  • Partner with Safe Ride, an event that promotes the safe riding of


  • Positive Ticketing check-stops with Committee & RCMP to reinforce &

    reward good driving behaviour
    Childhood Injury Prevention Committee. Committee Chair: Jenifer Smith

  • Family Safety Day has become more successful each year with over 1100 people attending, 52 exhibitors, and 17 sponsors. This event has expanded in scope each year, attracting a more diverse age group. Evaluations from the event are extremely positive annually.

  • Rural Bike Rodeos & helmet fitting delivered to rural communities annually (since 2008).

  • ATV Public Education presentation at rural communities

  • Hallowe’en Safety Initiative: school safety talks, reflective slap bracelets,

    and cross walk guards

  • Monthly messaging to youth through safety contests in schools and on


  • Vista Ridge Ski Lift to Safety Fair: snow sport helmet fitting, snow sport engraving (anti-theft), snow sport equipment checks, information & demonstrations on brain injuries

  • Bike Helmet Fitting: Free helmets and helmet fitting for public