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Tuanjiehu Community, Chaoyang District

Tuanjiehu Community

Community name: Tuanjiehu Community, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Number of inhabitants in the community: 60,054

Designation Year: 2012 Application form:

For further information contact:

Name:Li Lu
Unit: Tuanjiehu Subdistrict Office, Chaoyang District, Beijing Address: No. 9, Beitoutiao, Tuanjiehu, Chaoyang, Beijing

Zip code:100026 City: Beijing Country:China

Phone:0086-010-85589985 Fax:0086-010-85589985

Info address on www for the institution:

The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

To read more click on 291tuanjiehu_2012-form-b.pdf under download