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Troms County


Certifier Guldbrand Skjonberg and co-certifier Barbara Minuzzo

Presentation of the Safe Community Programmes

Troms is one of 19 administrative regions in Norway, and includes 24 municipalities. Troms County Government is an elected body governing the county, dependent on the direct or indirect support of the County Parliament. The County Government is responsible for the council administration, and each executive councilor is a portfolio holder and has responsibility for one or more of the departments. Troms County Government aims to create a better region to live in, and contributes towards the development of the High North into an attractive region and to develop Troms as a leading environmental county. Norwegian County Councils are today part of a three level governance system:

  1. Central Government

  2. Administrative regions,(County Councils 19 )

  3. Municipalities (431 )

County Councils are governed by the elected regional politicians and play a central coordinating role in regional politics. In developing Troms as a strong and healthy region, some of the council's tasks include:

-Management of secondary education, continuing education and trainee programmes -Management of county roads (Troms: 3000 km)
-Public and school transport
-Support of business, social and economic development

-Administration of regional project funds
-Cultural heritage, county libraries, sports, nature & leisure activities, general public health -Dental Health Service

The implementation of the safe community work in Troms is based on a regional model. It is the intersectoral action-plan Safe County 2012-2015 injury prevention and safety promotion work, but also other plans such as the Regional Transport Plan ( including traffic safety) which form the basis for the work.This requires among other cooperation with the municipalities, the university in Tromsø, the hospitals in the region, Norwegian public roads administration and companies with special competence on safety promotion like Norsafety in Harstad.

Photo: The Community, City of Tromsø.

Name of the Community: - Troms county

- Norway

Number of inhabitants in the community: - 162 050 ( as of jan. 2014)

Safe Community Programme started year: - 2012

International Safe Communities Network Membership: - 2014

Designation year: - 2014

Name of the Safe Community Support Centre:
- ESCON- European Safe Community Network

Name of Certifier :
- Guldbrand Skjonberg

Name of Co-certifier:
- Minuzzo Barbara

Info address on www for the Programme: -

For further information contact:

- Vibeke Skinstad, Head of department of public health

- Troms county council, Department of culture

Address: P.O. Box 6600

Zip code: 9296
Municipality/ City: Tromsø
Country: Norway
Phone (country code included): + 47 77 78 80 00
Fax: + 47 77 78 80 01

Info address on www for the institution (or community as a whole): No:......Yes, where? -

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