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Towada City

Name of the Community: Towada City

Country: Japan

Number of inhabitants in the community: 64,694(as of September 30, 2013)

Safe Community Programme started year: 2007

International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2009, 2014

Name of the Safe Community Support Centre: Japan Institution for Safe Communities

Name of Certifier: Prof. JoonPil Cho (Korea)

Name of Co-certifier: Prof. Lu Pai (Taiwan)

Info address on www for the Programms: (Japanese only)


For further information contact:

Name:                                  Okayama Shinichi (Mr.)

Institution:        Section of Community Development Support, Towada City government

Address:         6-1 Nishijuniban-cho, Towada, Aomori, Prefecture

Zip code:       034-8615

Municipality/ City: Country: Towada City, Japan

Phone:          +81-176-51-6777      

E-mail:                                       81-176-22-6299

Email address:            

Info address on www for the community as a whole: (Japanese only)

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