Tehran District 5

Country: Iran
Number of inhabitants: 685,335
Programme started year: 2008
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2010

Info address for the community: www.tehransafer5.com
Full Application report : www.phs.ki.se/csp/pdf/applicationreports/district5_en.pdf

For further information contact: Dr. S.Touluoi, The Mayor of Dist.5
Head of Safe Community Committee
District 5

Address : No1.Vahidi st. Kashani blv.Saeghie sq.Tehran, Iran
Phone : +9821 440 71733,
Fax :+982171733

E-mail :info@tehransafer5.com


Nada Zeinal Zadeh, Sociologist
Safe Community Secretary and Coordinator
District 5, Tehran , IR Iran
Phone : +982144084768 Fax : +982144084768

Cell : +989122890881
E-mail : zeinalzadeh_n@yahoo.com
E-mail :info@tehransafer5.com

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