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Tehran district 21

Name of the Community: Safe community Tehran district 21 Country: IRAN

Number of inhabitation: 326000
Programmed Started Year: 2008

International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation Year: 2010 Info address and Full application available: U

For further information Contact:

Tehran Map

Head: Mohammad. Saremi Zadeh
Deputy of the mayor and vice (chairman): A.Darvishpour (Eng) - Tel/Fax: +9821445644562701 Secretary: F. Sadeghi (Eng).Tel/Fax: +982144562760 - Mobil: +989123033365 Usadeghi.region21@gmail.comU
Advisor: M.Motalebi ghayen. – Health Education & Promotion M.S.P.H - - Mobil: +989125031183 Umsmq1115@yahoo.comU

Post address: Tehran district 21 municipality – Shahrdari sq.- jade makhsus Karaj - Km:9 – Tehran- IRAN

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