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Tehran District 14

Safe Community District 14, Tehran
Name of the community:
Tehran (District14)
Programme started year:
Number of inhabitants: population of approximately
International Designation Year:
By European Certifying Centre
Website address for the program:
Full application available:
For further information contact:
Eng.Ali Mohammdnejad
Mayor and Head of Steering Committee in District14
The Municipality of District 14
Tehran- Iran
Phone: +98 21 33439101-3
Fax: + 9833439106
Eng:Mansour Darabi
Senior consultant, Safe community policy-making council
District 14,Tehran Municipality
Phone: +98 21 66402264
Fax: +98 21 66493411
Cell phone: +98 21 09126217408
Eng Abass Ghiasi
Secretary of Safe Community Committee in District14
Phone: +98 21 33052491
Fax: +98 21 33064946
Cell phone: + 98 09123574002
For the age group
Children 0-14
• The program of forming cooperate – police groups in order to c
ontrol of students traffic in
the way of school – home;
• perform the competition in poem, painting and writing art
icle with the subject of
preventing accidents and giving prizes to better works;
• provide educational Cds In the rules of traffic and distr
ibute of them in schools;
• Education of baby – cradles trainers in promotion of safety;
• performing the festivals with the priority of safety pr
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