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Talad Kreab Sub-district

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Talad Kreab Sub district Municipality

Address: 54 Moo 5, Talad Kreab Subdistrict, Amphoe Bangpa–in, Ayutthaya Province, Thailand


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Date:     28/12/2018


Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research center, Ramathibodi Hospital

International Safe Community Supporting Center

Supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation



Talad Kreab was designated as International Safe Community in 2013. Since designation, Talad Kreab have continued their safety works constantly to make the community more improvement and safer.


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Helmet loan and Life jacket project


                The noticeable project was helmet loan and life jacket project for child safety at the municipality child care center because most of children travel by motorbike and by boat. Helmet loan and life jacket, initiated by CSIP in 2012, aimed to reduce child injury from traffic accidents and prevent drowning injury and death. Not only granting helmet and life jacket to the children, educating them the safety on road and in water was also conducted. Moreover, parents and teachers need to pay attention in the project. They were informed about traffic and water risks. Teachers were trained on first aid to drowned child and how to help drowned child. Parents were informed not to allow their children playing in water without supervision. The helmet loan and life jacket project have been achieved at a satisfactory level. The obvious changes in attitudes and behavior found in children, parents, and teachers. They change their behavior and perform more carefully. They are more aware about injury prevention, such as wearing helmet both riders and passengers, wearing helmet when riding to work, to school, or even in community, paying more carefulness in riding a motorbike, wearing life jacket every travel on water. Later on, it found less road injuries and drowning injury.








Contact person with email address:

Komdej Tanatis






Domestic violence


Domestic violence prevention project is the other safety project based on kinship system in the community. Actually, Thai society, and so Talad Kreab society, has long been grounded by goodness and a very closed relationship. Violence against women and family members is unacceptable in a community. The proactive prevention is that, as Thai society pays respect to the seniors, the village leaders and seniors will perform and act as a role model in respecting personal rights. If violence occurs in any family, this will be informed to the leaders and solved by informal talk and assistance offered. For example, a father of a family was addicted to drug. Solutions made by municipality were drug treatment to that man, improving mental health and family relationship, offering jobs for family earning, and giving education for children, etc.





Safety working groups among citizens

In Talad Kreab, you can find 20 safety working groups comprising of 70 members collaborating in different safety works effectively because of the major common goal held to everyone, that is achievement and benefits of community. Members of safety working groups are people in the community so it is easy for them to work together and allocate tasks and responsibilities. One may have multi-roles in safety work and municipality work depending on their competences. Therefore, the integrative safety projects could be very possible starting from informing the problem found to ‘one stop service center’, mutually finding out solutions and making report to municipality to do lessons learned for future improvement.






Name of The Safe Community : Taladkreab Sub-District Municipality
Country : Thailand
Number of Residents : 2,897 (on 29 September, 2016)
Year of Safe Community Establishment : 2003
International Safe Community Membership Network : Global Community Network
Certifier Guldbrand Skjönberg

Co-certifier Lucia Lutrean
Source of Reference :

Website www.taladkreab.go.thSAFE COMMUNITY
Tambon Talad Kreab
Bangpra-in District, Ayutthaya Province, Thailand

Name of the Community: Tambon Talad Kreab , Bangpra-in district, Ayutthaya province Country: Thailand
Number of inhabitants: 2,849
Programmestartedyear: 2003

International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2010 InfoaddressonwwwfortheProgramme: and

For Further Information Contact
Name-Surname Miss.Yaowapa Dityaem
Office Taladkreab Sub-District Municipality
Address 54 Moo 5, Taladkreab Sub-district, Bang Pa-In District, Ayutthaya Province
Postcode 13160
Area Taladkreab Sub-District Municipality
Country Thailand
Phone Number 0-3526-4002-3 press 12, 081-6126439
Fax 0-3526-4002-3 press 14