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Sogn and Fjordane

Safe Community Sogn and Fjordane County

Country: Norway
Number of inhabitants: 107,000 (approx.)
Programme started year: 1990
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2005
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The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

For the age group
Children 0-14 years:

A program aimed at children in elementary schools to ensure the safety on their way to school. Many campaigns and information activities are meant for schools, like the distribution of reflector tags, Bicycle-training and helmet use is given high priority.

”The School Road Campaign” is a national arrangement offering financial support for the physical improvement of school roads to eliminate dangerous traffic spots, like the place where school buses stop.

Youth 15-24 years:
”Report it” is an attitude campaign developed by the County Municipality’s road office in the early 1990’s, targeting young passengers of motor vehicles. The young are encouraged to use car belts and to report it if someone wants to drive under the influence or if the driver disrespects speed limits.

”Safely home for 50 kroner” is a program developed by the county and targets young people between 16 and 24, the group of people that are most often involved in accidents. The project is focused on the part of the week with the highest accident rate. A system of bus lines is developed in the night between Saturday and Sunday from most urban centers that have an upper secondary school. The aim is to offer young people in the region a safe trip home by means of public transport.

Adults 25-64 years:
The Psychiatric Ward of Helse Førde is responsible for a program aimed at persons with double diagnoses within drug abuse and psychiatry in the county. The goal is increased life quality by using adapted physical activity in the post-treatment phase and policlinic treatment of patients having both drug abuse and mental problems.

Apart for this project, workplace interventions as part of the normal procedures in work places, and particular campaigns to lower speeds and avoid drinking and driving.

Elderly 65+ years:
Many activities have focused on elderly, for instant Training of and information for older car drivers, ”The Senior Ride” witch is transportation in a cab van in the neighborhood, making it possible for a senior citizen to be picked up and brought back when he or she wants it.

”Safe Senior Citizens” is a project that The County Municipality of Sogn og Fjordane has – at the local, regional, and national levels -- taken part in a national campaign for safety among senior citizens. The County Municipality participates in the campaign council and the managing committee at the national level, and has through this work defined the premises for and provided resources for the development of a nationwide project to reduce accidents affecting the elderly, particularly thigh bone fractures.

At the following environments:

Home: “Safe Senior Citizens

Traffic: A numerous projects and activities in the municipalities and in upper secondary schools, as: Local transport, the school road Campain, Safely home for 50 kroner”, “The Report-it” campaign, On-site traffic inspections, “The Senior Ride”
Occupational: Integrated in the professional activities to reduce the number of work-place injuries and accidens
School: Many activities, as: Environmental coordinator in upper secondary schools, prevention of alcohol and drug abuse.

Sports: Physical activities for inactive people, Low threshold activities for seniors older than 65.

Other: Information campaign, public debate about the 0 vision, meetings with motorcycle enthusiasts, Mental health guidance and information in upper secondary schools.

Violence prevention:
The superior goal for The Police District of Sogn og Fjordane is to create safety and reduce crime. One of the strategies the police make use of in their preventive work is to contribute to the introduction of the SLT model in each municipality in the county. This model emphasizes local and cross-divisional cooperation involving all agencies dealing with children and teenagers. At the municipal level a cross-divisional group is to be established which, together with an appointed coordinator, is to link the various municipal measures together. The police have a superior responsibility for this coordination work. At the end of 2004, 18 municipalities participate in SLT.

Suicide prevention: No

Programs aiming at ”High risk-groups”:
“Young people at risk” is a project intended for young at-risk 16-19-year-olds with extensive absence from school, foreign background, and young people living on their own. The goal of the project is an improvement of the follow-up and coordinate the services offered to students, apprentices, and others, and strengthen the cooperation between the upper secondary school and follow-up services in educational, health and social areas of the municipality, in which the school is located. Leisure activities reaching out to these groups will be given priority.

”Exchange from teenager to teenager.” is another project where group of 20 students and contact persons from three upper secondary schools were trained to be positive role models for the student group and motivate others to make their own positive choices and possibly resist pressure from friends and peers to get drunk or use drugs. If this project produces what is intended 12 other upper secondary schools will be offered similar programs.

In October 2004, the County Council decided to given more priority to alcohol and drug abuse measures, in upper secondary schools and in tandem with the municipalities.

Surveillance of injuries:
registered injuries treated by a physician
Numbers per year: 5.368
Population base: 106.000
Started year: 1993


Download the application report:

pdficon_small.gif (153 bytes) Sogn and Fjordane County, Norway- Application to Become a Member of the Safe Community Network

1996: Floer, Gjerberg and Skolbekken: Injuries in Sogn og Fjordane and Sør-Trøndelag
1997: Pål Kraft and Mitchell Loeb: The Sogn and Fjordane-project

Produced information material, pamphlets:
Pamphlets and information folders has been produced. Publications of various kind.

Professions: part-time or full-time: part-time as well as full-time
Permanent: Emma Bjørnsen, public health coordinator
Temporary: for some
Specific intersectoral leadership group: Yes
General public health/health promotion group: Yes

International commitments:
Study visits: No
Participation in Safe Community conferences: Iceland 1999, Denmark 2001, Finland 2003
Hosting Safe Community Conferences: No
Hosting ”Travelling Seminars”: No

For further information contact:
Emma Bjørnsen
Sogn og Fjordane County
Askedalen 2
NO- 6863 Leikager
Phone +47 57825024
Fax: +47 57825001