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Good example

1. Social Emergency Services: This service is an emergency services in the case of social issues such as suicide, violence against women and child, family problems, child and elderly abuse, preventing divorces and etc, which are free of charge and is available in three ways as mobile social emergency car, telephone consultant and in facility programs. It has a hotline phone number as123.

2. Traffic Education Park: Traffic education Park was designed and developed during the safe community implementing in Sahand. This Park was used countinusely for traffic rules education for kindergarten and school students and also their teachers.

3. Flower instead of cigarette: This was a cultural movement in the community by Health network and Health volunteers. Volunteers invite the individuals who smoke and explain them about the smoking harms and then want to give their cigarette pocket and take a flower to home!

Name of the Community: Sahand

Kind of Community: city

Country: Iran

Number of inhabitants in the community: 105000 in Year 2018

Safe Community Program started year/month: 12/2015

International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year (only for re-certification application):

Name of Certifier: Mr. Guldbrand Skjönberg

Name of Co-certifier: Dr. Dale Hanson

Name of the Safe Community Support Centre: Tabriz International Safe Community Support Centre

Info address on www for the Safe Community Program: