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Palmerston North

Safe Community Palmerston North

Name of the Community: Palmerston North
Country: New Zealand
Number of inhabitants in the community: 82,100 (Statistics New Zealand 2011), 7th largest city in New Zealand with 1.9% of New Zealand’s population.
Safe Community Programme started year: 2004
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2013
Name of the Certifying Centre: Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand

For further information contact:
Name: Alane Nilsen
Institution: Palmerston North City Council Address: Private bag 1134, Palmerston North Zip code: 4410

Municipality/City: Palmerston North
Country: New Zealand
Phone/Fax (country code included): 64 6 3568199
Info address on www for the institution:

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