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North Sichuan road

Part A. Brief Introduction of the Community 1

A.1 Briefly describe the community and its history 1

A.2 Describe the vision and objective of the community relating to its safety 1

A.2.1 The vision of safe community construction 1

A.2.2 General objective of safe community construction 2

A.3 How does the local government participate in safe community construction work? Who is in charge of relevant work? 2

A.4 Describe general situation of the community 2

Part B. Composition of the Community 3

B.1 Describe demographic composition of the community 3

B.2 Describe general situation of safe community construction work 4

B.3 Describe the support and incentive measures provided by the community and its superior unit for safe community construction work 5

B.3.1 The support and incentive measures provided by the community for safe community work 5

B.3.2 The support and incentive measures provided by superior unit for safe community work 5

B.4 Describe the planning or programming relating to the safety of the community 5

B.5 Describe the administration and coordination department in the community specifically in charge of safe community construction work 6

B.6 which department is the leading one of safety promotion/injury prevention? 6

B.7 Whether safe community construction work has been in the form of long-term mechanism 7

B.8 Describe safety promotion category and coverage area of big projects 7

B.9 Drawing up, adoption and implementation of safety promotion objective 8

B.10 Evaluation and report of safety promotion objective 8

B.11 Economic measures taken by the community for strengthening safety 8

B.12 Whether there are safety regulations and relevant administrative measures applicable to the community itself 9

Part C. Guide Line No.1: there is one cross-departmental organization in charge of safety promotion 10

1.1 The organization of safe community construction and its responsibility 10

1.1.1 The organization 10

1.1.2 Responsibility 11

1.2 Describe the cooperating and participating situation of local government and health department in safety community promotion and injury prevention 12

1.3 Describe the situation of social organizations such as the Red Cross, the elderly organization and sports organization in safety promotion work participation 12

1.4 Whether established the reporting channel for ordinary residents when they find dangerous environment and situation 14

1.5 Describe the way of bring guide line 1 into being long-term mechanism 15

Part D. Guide Line No.2: there are injury prevention plans which can permanently and consistently cover all genders, ages and various environment situations 15

2.1 Safety plan of the elderly 15

2.2 Safety plan of children 19

2.3 Safety plan of the disabled 22

2.4 Safety plan of school 24

2.5 Safety plan of work space 27

2.6 Safety plan of public areas 31

2.7 Safety plan of home 33

2.8 Safety plan of traffic 35

2.9 Safety plan of fire protection 39

2.10 Safety plan of public security 42

2.11 Safety plan of sports 46

2.12 Safety plan of food 48

Part E. Guide Line No.3: there are prevention projects aimed at high risk group, high risk environment and raising safety level of vulnerable group 49

3.1 Safety promotion and injury prevention project designed and implemented for high risk people 49

3.1.1 Safety promotion project of the elderly on the stairs “Chair of Love” 49

3.1.2 Safety promotion project of cognitive disorder prevention of the elderly “Memory of No Delay” 50

3.1.3 Psychological comfort promotion project of the elderly living alone “Old Fellow” 51

3.1.4 Sports safety promotion project of the elderly riding team 53

3.1.5 Home safety promotion project of the 0-3 years old infants 54

3.1.6 Home safety promotion project of the 3-6 years old children 55

3.1.7 Safety promotion project of the mentally retarded rehabilitation “Sunshine Home” 57

3.1.8 Safety promotion project of mental rehabilitation “Sunshine Home of the Heart” 58

3.1.9 Safety promotion project of junior high school students’ campus violence prevention 60

3.1.10 Safety promotion project of methadone support team 61

3.2 Safety promotion and injury prevention project designed and implenmented for high risk environment 62

3.2.1 Safety promotion project of the elderly in Hongye Nursing Home 62

3.2.2 Safety promotion project of Aisi Children’s Park 63

3.2.3 Safety promotion project of school sports in Xinhua Junior High School 65

3.2.4 Safety promotion project of “Migrant Worker’s Home” 67

3.2.5 Safety promotion project of height fall prevention in construction site 68

3.2.6 Safety promotion project of simple renovation of shops along the street under 300,000RMB 69

3.2.7 Safety promotion project of old elevators in old residential quarters 70

3.2.8 Safety promotion project of Shanghai Xingwang International Fashion Emporium 71

3.2.9 Promotion project of road safety WebGIS administration and analysis system 73

3.2.10 Safety promotion project of high incidence crossing of traffic accidents Wusong Rd/Haining Rd 74

3.2.11 Safety promotion project of pupil walking at the school gate 76

3.2.12 Safety promotion project of fire protection of the elderly in old residential quarters 78

3.2.13 Promotion project of fire protection volunteers in small restaurants “Community 119” 80

3.2.14 Safety promotion project of group-oriented leasing prevention in the quarter 81

3.2.15 Other projects 83