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Community: Nøtterøy Municipality
Country: Norway
Nb. of inhab. in community: 21 000
SC program started year: 2008
Internatl.SC Network Membership: Europe
Designation year: 2013
Name of the Certifying Centre: WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety
Promotion, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Info. address for the program:
For further information contact:
Name: Irmelin Skjold
Institution: LIFT, Nøtterøy kommune
Address: Postboks 213
Zip code: 3163
Municipality/ City: Nøtterøy
Country: Norway
Phone (country code included): 0047 33 40 20 00 / 0047 975 15 438
Fax: 0047 33 40 22 82
Info community:

Read more, click on notteroy-form-b-2013.pdf