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Miraflores Secure Communities Program Community name: Miraflores
Country: Perú
Population: 85,065 inhabitants

Safe Communities Program began in 1996

Nectwork: Safe Communities Network - Perú

Designation date: 2012

Certifying Centre Name: Institute CISALVA-certification center for Latin America and the Caribbea

Web Address:

Miraflores is a residential district with high values. Miraflores promotes business development, respect for the environment, and quality of life for its neighborhood residents. Miraflores also encourages its neighbors to exercice their rights and fulfill their with responsibility.

For further information conctact :

Jorge Muñoz Wells
Mayor of Miraflores
Larco 400
PE-18 Miraflores, Perú
Phone: 511-617-7238
Fax: 511-617-7377
E-mail: Jorge.munoz @ Website:

Activities to promote safety as follow:

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