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Lu´an, Shanxi

Safe Community
Lu’an Group Community

Name of the Community: Lu’an Group Safe Community Country: China
Number of inhabitants: 85,568 (2004)
Programme started year: 2004

Info address on www for the Programme:

The programme covers the following safety promotion activities: For the age group

Youth 15-24 years:
Children Safety and Health Promotion
In kindergarten and primary school, safety and health brochures are made for different aged children to popularize health common sense and foster their safety consciousness and habits. What’s more, safety and health course are held. Experts are invited to explain safety and injury prevention knowledge, such as fire safety, traffic safety, outside sports safety, diet safety and health care.

Children Safety and Health Project

The children safety program is implemented in the kindergarten and children safety work is brought into the orbit of the kindergarten’s management. The in-and-out surroundings of the kindergarten are improved, safety facilities equipped, safety cartoon, safety caricature wall and safety signs set in places and passages where children take most activities. We have also done a lot of other works such as safe articles inspection, like the inspection, cleaning and disinfections of small toys, knives and so on, body coordination abilities training, management of water heater, water and food supply.

’ Seven One’ Program

In the kindergarten Seven One program is held and the children safety promotion

can be carried on continuously. Seven One refers to holding one family-kindergarten communication meeting every semester, organizing one safety situational comic every month, renewing one safety education column every month, organizing one self-protection practice every month, devising one safety and health education teaching plan every week, teaching children one safety song every week and carry out one morning-and-noon safety inspection every day.

Youth 15-24 years:
The knowledge on traffic safety, fire safety, law publicity, away from drug, students’ injury self-care and healthy diet are popularized among teachers and students through school net, broadcast, newspapers and show window. Furthermore, to meet this purpose, many programs, such as lectures and class meetings of safety and health knowledge, competitions of safety cartoon and safety knowledge speech and debates with the topic of Safety in my Heart are held. Safety self-care brochures are made as well. All these programs above improve students’ safety consciousness and abilities of self-rescue and injury prevention.

The investigation of community injury shows that most of injury is caused by the individual’s weak sense of injury. On one hand, we build Safety culture gallery and street at high population floating location, make safety knowledge show window and plate, on which we publish variety kinds of safety, health and injury prevention knowledge. On the other hand, we hold safety knowledge competition and speech for different group of people, and dispense safe community hand bill and Brochure to them. Moreover, to popularize safety and health knowledge to inhabitant, we collect safety caricatures and cranks and hold parties. At the same time, we promulgate safe working and injury information through newspaper, TV and broadcasting to emphasize the importance of preventing injury.

Adults 25-64 years:

The prevention and cure of pneumoconiosis for the underground operation staff in the coal mine
The coal dust in the underground working face is the main reason for pneumoconiosis. In order to effectively control the incidence of pneumoconiosis and minimize the injuries to the staff, Lu’an Group established Occupational Diseases Prevention and Cure Center in 1991 and the health guide of the occupational groups is intensified.

Since the construction of safe community in 2004, we intensify the prevention and cure of pneumoconiosis. Many technical measures are adopted in the coal face, such as reducing coal dust by atomizer, gas effusion, reducing coal dust by water curtain in the return airway and so on. Health supervision records are made for the staff and the workers who contact the coal dust are to have medical examination of occupational diseases every two years. The dangerous factors in operational places, such as dust and noise, are monitored and evaluated hygienically. The prevention

and cure of occupational disease are entered into the examination and assessment system of fundamentally safe mine, which is organized every half a year.
The trainings in Lu’an safety training center and vocational schools consist safety qualification training of senior manager, safety training of mine superintendents, training of special operation workers and special equipment operation workers. They also include the training of new workers, workers with ordinary type of work, electricians and stokers, etc.

Professional Skill Training

Occupational safety education is put in practice. Enriching staff’s safety knowledge and skills is an important measure to do well in trouble free service. For many years, we always hold staff safety training according to the law on safety in production and the need of trouble free service. All sub-communities established vocational schools. In 2003, we opened a safety training center cooperated with Ruhr in Germany.

The trainings in Lu’an safety training center and vocational schools consist safety qualification training of senior manager, safety training of mine superintendents, training of special operation workers and special equipment operation workers. They also include the training of new workers, workers with ordinary type of work, electricians and stokers, etc. In 2004, there were 18084 employers who attended the training while there were 15410 ones in 2005.

Skill training station

Skill training station is set up in each sub-community since the construction of safe community in 2002, which has been the education base of inhabitants. Each sub-community investigates the inhabitants’ skills every year and makes annual program according to the result. Safety and health training is held at least one time each quarter, aiming at groups of ordinary residents, elders, unemployed and so on. Inhabitants’ trainings and the participation have been an index to examine the achievements of community. Skill training station opens 200 classes on home safety including electricity, gas, fire and incise, traffic safety, medical safety and so on since the construction of safe community. There are more than 6000 people participated the trainings altogether.

Elderly 65+ years:

Xiyanghong art ensemble

The Xiyanghong art ensemble in community makes works such as allegretto, operculum at parties to popularize safety knowledge. These works enrich elders’ culture life and strengthen their consciousness of safety.

Gas Safe Use Demonstration to the Elders

In the view of the elders’ features of presbyopia, illiteracy, lack of gas knowledge and short memory, volunteers come to their house to give demonstration.

At the following fields:

Production safety:

As a state-owned enterprise with more than 70 years history of coal mining, Lu’an Group always regards the safe production of coal mines as the most important point with its measures in safe production at the head of the industry. During the period of tenth five-year, the death rate in coal production was 0.078 per million tons and no miner died in two years of the period.

In September 2005, the Essential Safety Mine Standard and Detailed Rules of Execution was debuted to system management and was improved overruling organisms Omni bearing essential management net of safety system is formed in whole process with all staff.

Systems of coefficient of ventilation, gas drainage and monitoring are rebuilt to solve the problems caused by the output increase of raw coal, continuation of excavating, increase of gas and exploitation etc. Competition of reaching the standard of splendid mines on standard quality is held. Technological transformations on safe working environment and producing equipments are implemented. All these measures above improve the disaster resisting abilities of mines. In 2005, more than RMB 500 million is invested on security facilities with RMB 25 for the production of each ton of coal while RMB 15 is demanded in national rules.

The most important tasks of grave accidents prevention:
On the part of prevention and control of gas, we persevere in one circulation three

prevention and the system of one ticket to veto and manage low gaseous mine

with the standard of gassy mine and managing gassy mine with high standards. To avoid water disasters in coal mine, geological safeguard system of water prevention and cure is established and rules of water prevention and cure are

The packaged technology of bolting with wire mesh is researched and used for

effectively preventing accident of apical plate.
Standard management of various types of work is executed.

Injury prevention in the field of production safety promotion:
Blood Record
As it is far from underground working face to ground, we keep the blood record of all underground workers and set up underground emergency station in order to reduce the rescue time of wounded people.
2. Coal Mine Free Restaurant
As underground workers need great strength, restaurants with free food are set up in each coal mine. They take the measure to have meals before bath and avoid the injury in bathroom caused by hunger.

School Safety:

Recent years, some minus factors from family and society directly affect the growth of students and their mental healthy also affects their academic performance. In 2004, we set up psychological consultation room in a school, attempt to offer psychological consultation service to students. Through monitoring, we discover that the leading reasons caused students’ psychological tension and impediment are computer games, ponderous burden on studying, single parent family, parents’ bad behavior and premature love. Schools take measures of pressure reducing; make psychological guidance cards for the students with psychological tension and impediment. Over the two years, 20 students successfully get out of psychological impediment. At the same time, ten Forbidden of teacher’s language are formed. Furthermore, psychological education subject and network subject are introduced in the safety and health knowledge training course. Debates with the topic of using computer healthily are held to popularize the basic knowledge of psychological health to teachers and students. As the result, students’ pressure is reducing and psychological impediment.

The Home Safety Group, Traffic Safety Group and Campus Safety Group jointly launched a holiday injuries preventative and social practice program among primary and middle school students. We make good use of the community publicizing and educational resources to develop the injuries preventative knowledge publicity on filed trip safety, drowning preventative, road traffic safety, household electricity safety, food poisoning preventative and so on. The community entertainment sites are open to the public and holiday entertaining and physical activities that are suitable to primary and middle school students are carried out to enrich their holiday life. Meanwhile, supervisors are to supervise the students’ safety civilized behaviors and to regulate their misdoings during holiday and therefore the students holiday injuries are effectively controlled.

Water-regarding safety

To avoid the injuries caused by drowning accidents, the community established the Winter-Swimming Association to help people master swimming knowledge and systematically exchange experiences. In 2005, we began to build a large swimming hall on the basis that we have had 3 formerly built swimming halls. The new swimming hall can hold 800 persons and solve the shortage of swimming gymnasium for residents. We are going to play the role of Swimming Association in making the hall a safety education base for residents.

The Will-be-completed Swimming Hall

Home Safety

Considering the facts that coal gas is in long service and pipeline hidden
danger and leakage accidents increase with years, we carried out a special program on coal gas accidents preventative work, launched the publicizing and demonstrating movement by home visits to introduce the correct usage knowledge, started off a voice evening wake up service on safety and decrease the possibility of gas poisoning because of carelessness. Furthermore, we opened a 24 hours hotline to supply the real estate repairing service and periodically find out dangerous factors as well as remove the hidden danger of the pipeline; therefore the gas pipeline hidden troubles are removed timely

With the improvement of the quality of life, the number of the residents who keep pets is increasing and the cases that residents are snapped by dogs are gaining increasing attention from all parties of the community. In order to regulate the pet-keeping management and prevent the injuries, Changzhi Public Security Bureau Lu’an Branch and Lu’an Community Management Committee formulate the Residents Pet-Keeping Management Measure, in which the ward ship and responsibilities of the pet-keeper are defined. It is stipulated in explicit terms on walking the dog in the community, animal immunity and so on. Furthermore, the animal injuries prevention and injuries dealing measurement knowledge are spread among the residents and workers of the Health and Quarantine Station are invited to the community to give injection to pet dogs and injuries caused by pet dogs are effectively controlled.

Public Order Safety

In recent years, with the increase of the floating population in the mining area, cases of robbery and violence are drawing the attention of the Public Security Institution. They strengthen the comprehensive administration of social public order and develop the special crime-combating activity and activate the 110 Quick Police Service. The community keeps a strict management on floating population and sub-district gatekeeper check mechanism. We made a record for the floating population, expanded the Community Security Police Corps, founded the Retired Workers Assistant Security Patrol, apartments building clerk volunteer watching network and kept unfailing patrolling in 24 hours. Kinds of security accidents are effectively controlled.

Traffic Safety

On the part of traffic safety, we went on strict management on vehicles, road facilities, carried out the traffic safety education to drivers, students and residents and implement the speed limiting, fixation store and distribution management on vehicles and set up the parking lots for taxis and buses and strictly investigate and prosecute the vehicle misplacement acts. The Vehicle Managing Department

organizes regular vocational trainings to drivers. Traffic accidents analysis improves the drivers’ abilities of dealing with emergencies. In foggy and snowy weather, the official vehicles do not perform the official business. When it snows, the schools and official departments organize volunteers to clean up the street of snow. These measures obtain good results.

Accident prevention is a key part of school injury prevention. Policemen are invited into schools to explain traffic codes. In the primary school, with yellow hats, students have to stand in a queue on the road between school and home and been escorted to pass intersections and zebra crossings by some teachers and students, which are effectively preventing accidents.

A sub- community in Houbu community is far from school. Students in this community must pass one main road to school. To avoid the traffic accidents on their way to school, we purchase special cars to run about the students and present service for children in this sub-community. Both schools and families review this favor.

Special car for students

Fire Safety

Considering the fact that the guard girding of the lower floor of residential buildings is not convenient for fire controlling when fire breaks out, we actively recommend the intelligent guard girding and push-pull guard girding and suggest that guard girding be not installed in higher than the second floor. These measures is supported and warmly responded in some communities and by the residents. Besides, based on the special realities, fire extinguishers are installed in residential buildings in some communities; fire-fighting equipments like hydrants are improved and hidden dangers are removed.

The elderly safety

Injuries among the elderly caused by belated disease aids cover the first place among all the injuries. About this fact, we established medical service station in remote community, improved 120 first aid service, made a red-yellow-blue health

records for people older than 60 and make regular medical examination for them. We also offer regular home service and medical examination for the aged sick people. The medical aid situation for the elderly has made notable improvement.

Environments Improvement

Lu’an Group community is mixed with old and new sub-communities. In some sub-communities, the environmental facilities are out of date. To improve the environmental conditions of community, we operated a lot of facilities meliorating projects on traffic, public security, fire fighting, service of logistics and public lighting from 2004.

Outer ring rods project
Project on traffic signs, marking, indicator lights and facilities of slowdown


Project on building up Pedestrian Street
Relief passage is built under a national highway between producing area and

living quarter
Paintings of resident buildings
Environment beautification
Project on brightening of street lamps and transferring to underground of

electrical wire are operated
Security doors are installed in resident buildings and community has achieved

closed type management
New stadiums and gymnasiums are built while old ones are rebuilt. Public sports

fields and fitness equipments in community are improved
Roads in communities are improved with many signs for injury prevention

The statistical information shows that more than RMB 300 million is invested in the improvements of road, public environment and inhabitation. The inhabitation is ultimately improved. Staff and inhabitants become more satisfied on the environmental security.

A quarter safety examination

Safety Examinations are organized in each quarter to strictly reform the system and process in the ways of self-examination and united examination. Hidden troubles on environmental facilities of public, public security and traffic are immediately discovered and rectified. So far as today, there are 12010 security hidden troubles discovered in examination and 98.5% of them have been rectified.

Previewing on Emergence and Accidental Injuries

On the part of emergency succor of production safety, we compiled the emergency succor criterion. The disasters-resisting ability of the shaft is strengthened and degree of safety of coal mine is improved. We also conducted the emergency plan drilling, staff training on emergency and established a Mining

Ambulance Corps, the computational early detection system and experts disaster-rescue system about grave accidents and the disaster resistance ability is improved. Emergency treatment abilities of staff at all levels are improved and the mine rescue abilities are assured by setting up and operating the response mechanism at different levels.

On the part of emergency succor of non-production safety, we work out all classes of emergency plans on emergency evacuation in public places, medical assistance, outburst of public health accidents and so on; we also conducted kinds of drilling on home fire controlling, first aid of gas poisoning and so on and exercises on emergency evacuation in public places and escaping from simulated fire ground. The abilities of the staff on self-rescue, escape and emergency treatment ability are improved.

All ages body-building

The community injury investigation during 2002-2004 shows that bruise is the first important reason caused injury. To reduce this kind of injury, we operate the plans for all ages body-building. Large sports meetings for different group, such as primary and middle school students, elders, staff and community inhabitants are held every year. Turnvereins of Taiji, dancing, calisthenics, goal, tennis ball, billiards, badminton, basketball, table tennis and winter swimming are established in community. The people doing exercise are increasing year by year. In 2005, the people suffered from bruise injury reduced to 170 from 258 in 2005 with rate of descent 34%.

Injuries preventative programs which are aimed at high-risk groups and

vulnerable groups

1. Caring about the elderly living alone

There are totally 116 aged people who are older than 60 and out of support. Most of them walk awkwardly and have weak viabilities. To solve their problems in daily life and comfort their heart, volunteer service system is drawn and one life service hotline is opened which offer volunteer work for the aged people, such as cleaning, unpicking and washing bedding, purchasing essentials of life like food and vegetables and sending birthday cake for those who live alone. All these make the solitary people feel like being with their families.

2. Caring about the disabled people

Based on caring about and helping the disabled, Lu’an Group established Union of the Disabled in 1996and 604 disabled people who are of working age obtain employment successively in enterprises. In 2002, it made a investment of RMB ¥4.12 million in setting up Yimin Company(for the disabled) and 222 disabled people obtained employment. Since the construction of safe community in 2004, Love Fundraising Campaign for the Disabled are held every year and more than RMB¥3 million was collected from all circles. In order to suit their convenience of

home and out life, those who are disabled with lower members have priority of buying the first-floor when allotting house. Special slopes for the disabled are built and electric motor car are prepared for the disabled people. The quality of life of the disabled people in the community is improved.

3. Caring about the destitute household

Most of the destitute families are those in which the family members died of injuries or illness. They have less income and live hard. As is regulated by our country, the Labors’ Union distributes pension money to the family by month and consolation money and special purchases for the Spring Festival. Since 2002, a total of RMB¥393000 has been distributed, 3000 family/time relieved an

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