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Safe Community Konjic

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Number of inhabitants: 32,820
Programme started year: 1986
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2005

For further information contact:
Džumhur Jasminka
Municipality of Konjic
M. Tita bb
Konjic 88 400
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 61 212 595

The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:
For the age group

Children 0-14 years:
Information given at Child Health Clinics and from Public Health Nurses to parents about home, leisure- and traffic safety. Different kinds of written information material are produced and delivered out. The Health Clinics also inform about safety equipment and how to obtain them.
Day-care centers and schools are required to have safety routines.

Youth 15-24 years:
Several campaigns and programmes concerning youth are developed.
The main issues are preventing drug-use, violence, vandalism, traffic safety i.e. and the efforts to make the youth themselves organizing drug-free arrangements and different kinds of meeting facilities such as different sports clubs.
The local police has organised preventive work geared towards children and young people in its youth section.
Cooperation on local crime prevention are organized through interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral groups with the help of NGO

Adults 25-64 years:

Programmes including information about children safety promotion activities at home, traffic safety, safety information on fire prevention.

Elderly 65+ years:
The home-based care service for elderly people maps the individuals mobility and needs for technical aids. A checklist has been made for home visits.

At the following environments:

- Public Health Nurse are given information to parents when they have newborns through home-visits and consultations.
- Discussions with parents take place four times after the first home visit with a view to informing them about the risk of accidents in relation to the child’s development, reviewing checklists, and talking about different kinds of equipment.
- To prevent injuries and accidents among the elderly who live at home, measures have been implemented through the Public Health Nurse and some project of NGO.

To reduce the risk of accidents Municipality of Konjic has reduced the speed limit through the city, and constructed pedestrian road on Varda and Tresanica.


Municipality of Konjic has 31 elementary schools (3000 pupils) and 1 high school (1210 students).
Through the school education many programmes developed preventive content. The main issues are preventing drug-use, violence, vandalism, traffic safety. 1450 pupils use a school transport.

There are programmes aiming safety promotion in sport areas and children playgrounds.

Violence prevention:

To prevent violence and other criminality in Municipality of Konjic, the police have all responsibility and developed they programmes

Suicide prevention:
Suicide prevention is on the field of health sectors and department of mental care prevention.

Programs aiming at ”High risk-groups”:
In an specially area that has large-scale challenges in terms of living conditions is targeted at pregnant women, newborns, elderly and disabled persons. Preventive activity for those groups is on the social and health care sectors.

Surveillance of injuries:
Registration forms for use in day registration of injuries.
Numbers per year: 367 in year 2004.
Population base: 36 000
Started year: 1986


Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina- Application to Become a Member of the Safe Community Network

Produced information material, pamphlets:

Number: 1
Professions: part-time or full-time: Part-time
Permanent: 1
Organization: Municipality of Konjic, Department of Education and Culture


International commitments:
Hosting Safe Community Conferences: 1988