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Klang Wiang Sub District

Good example - Disaster preparedness and response

Klangwiang Sub district municipality

Address: 190 M.10 Yantrakitkosol Road TambonWiang Sa, AmphoeWiangsa, Nan Province, Thailand


Date:     28/12/2018


Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research center, Ramathibodi Hospital

International Safe Community Supporting Center

Supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation


Planning for flooding

                Klangwiang, covering 19 villages (or called ‘Muban’ in Thai), is characterized by relatively flat river plains. Some villages are in high risk flood zone; MubanDonchai is the noticeable sample.MubanDonchai is highly susceptible to flood in particular the rainy season as 2 rivers namely Nan river and Wa river come across at MubanDonchai. The frequent flood at MubanDonchai causes great damages to village. While villagers are unable to relocate, they try to accommodate themselves with the water from Nan river. Plans to accommodate with water help reduce the risk incidents. All the initiative plans for handling flood came from experiences in the past. For example, plant floodwall appropriate to the site to protect susceptible areas, choosing plants that tolerate flooding condition like corn instead of domestic vegetables, house lifting and paddy silo lifting in flood zone which are appropriate to local lifestyle, food and drinking water preparedness for survival during flooding period, raft or floating platform to relocate personal belongings and domestic cattles, warning and flood notification done through local news broadcast and social media like Line, ‘color sticker for help’ posted in front of every house to identify characteristic of vulnerable people so that community can prioritize assisting plan, risk survey of vulnerable zones and relocation areas, updating community maps and data, and so on. Key success factors are people awareness, good leader, trust in leader, all these build up people participation. Other supports for achievement in flood management relate to educating people, employing local wisdom, learning from successful villages and adapting as appropriate, as well as helps and support from different agencies. From well preparedness toward flooding management at MubanDonchai, it found zero injury or death from flooding, no electrical injury, reduction in property loss. People are not so stressful about the incident because of well preparedness and well management of pre-, during, and post-flooding plans by flooding mitigation team. It can be said that the major scheme for flood management at MubanDonchai is based on ‘Self help’ on community participatory.


To get more information contact:Vanithaya Yingsee


Good example - Safe elderly

Elderly school


                At Klangwiang, you can find ‘the elderly school’ which named BanchuenWittayalai. It was established to respond the increasing of aging society and to reduce the depressed elderly. Joining the elderly school helps to support better physical and mental health of elderly; and also promote the quality of their social well-being. At school, the elderly will no longer stay alone and not be isolated from society. The school enables them to participate with community’s activities and help to create simple job for them under the financial support from the municipality and networking.Elderly curriculum includes chanting, listening to the sermon, happiness with present, mindfulness, exercise, arts and dancing, social education, and physical health and mental health check up.Results found that 13.24% or 200 out of 1,511 elderly joining in elderly school; the number will be greater soonest. 7 out of 8 elderly or 87.5% who really stick to house become more socialized. From observation survey found the elderly are happier and found very less injury in this elderly group.


To get more information contact:Chantana Sarnsang


Good example - Safe children

Helmets for children


‘Helmet fund’, the project aims to reduce child injury from traffic accident; in particular young children at child care center. To start the project, all stakeholders namely school, teachers, students, parents, community members made agreements on the helmet fund. Funds for buying helmets to students partially came from parents’ money and daily saving from members of helmet fund project although the majority of fund has been supported by municipality. For members, if they broke the rule or didn’t wear helmet when riding to child care center, they would be fined and the money collected would go to helmet fund. The results of the projectfoundzero child injury related traffic accidentsin the group of young children at child care center. The municipality could turn the injury prevention budget to create safer environment to young children. With less rate of child injury, it also brings about the better social well-being.



To get more information contact:



Good example - Safe water

Safe Food


With the concern of people health, ‘safe food’ project was originated in 2010 and public talk about safe food in community for better health was conducted. In 2011 initiative of the project started in community and festival feasts, which would serve only cooked meat by hygienic cooks and cooking conditions. In 2012 the chemical free in planting and random inspection of groceries to ensure the quality of food and ingredients started. In 2014 database of disease from food has been established. ‘Safe food’ project started from the plants to the dish. Therefore, ‘domestic planting - - free from chemical’ was promoted. All by-products related to domestic planting include promotion of Enzyme Ionic Plasma, biodiversity observation of aquatic animals and water quality in Nan river done by students, establishment of safe food learning center, herb learning center, bank of domestic plant seeds, and herbal drinks production. The inclusive program from the planting field to have pesticide residue free vegetables not only promotes safe food, but also helps to reduce household expenditure and organic waste management.





Mrs.Khamdei Khamchuen


Klang Wiang Sub District, Nan


Number of inhabitants in the community: 8599 in Year 2016

Safe Community Program started year/month: 2016

Name of Certifier:Guldbrand Skjönberg

Name of Co-certifier:Michael L Wilson

Name of the Safe Community Support Centre:Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Centre, Thailand. Contact person Chadaporn Suksiriwan Email: Info address on www for the Safe Community


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