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Safe Community - Kepez

Country: Turkey
Name of the Community: Kepez
Number of Inhabitants: 387,119
Program started year: 2007
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation Year: April 2011 Designation by: European Safe Community Certifying Centre
Full Application report:

For further information contact:

Prof. Dr. Hakan Yaman
Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine Family Medicine Department Akdeniz Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi
Aile Hekimliği Ana Bilim Dalı, TR 07059 Antalya, Turkey
e-mail: Phone: +90 242 249 68 60

The program covers the following safety promotion activities: For the Age Group:
Children 0-14 Years:

For more information click under Download on 232kepez2011-form-b.pdf