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Good example - Strategy

Suicide Prevention

Kameoka has provided evidence of promising reductions in suicide rates.  This is an area of common and serious mortality and morbidity across the world, but especially Asia and Japan.   Accordingly, it is very important to share your achievements and learnings with other communities.

Good scientific evidence of what works is lacking in this area.  Important factors seem to be;

  • increased community awareness,
  • early identification of at risk individuals,
  • improved access to support services,
  • cross-sectorial engagement involving communities, health professionals, researchers and administrators and a
  • multi-strategic approach.

Kameoka’s suicide program decmonstrated all these critical elements.  There was strategic involvement of all stakeholders.  Based on research your programs targeted the two leading causes of suicide in your community, mental health problems.

The certifiers believe it would be most helpful to share your learnings and success with other safe communities throughout the world by completing our example of good practice form (JISC should be able to help you with this).

Your academic colleagues may also wish to consider writing up your programs for academic publication.


Name of the Community: Kameoka City Country: Japan
Number of inhabitants: 92,757(as of Dec. 2012)

Programme started year: 2006
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2008, 2013 Name of the Certifying Centre: Center for Community Safety Promotion (Korea)


For further information contact:

Name: Hidekado Tanaka/ Terumasa Izuta/Tomoyuki Tani Institution: Kameoka City Office
Address: 8 Nonogami, Yasumachi, Kameoka, Kyoto JAPAN Zip code: 621-8501

City: Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture Country: Japan
Phone +81- 771-25-5097
Fax: +81-771-25-5501


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