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Jolfa- Aras Free Zone

Good example - Violence prevention

Mother and child welfare center: The center basically was established to promote mothers and child life skills promotion including health, safety, mental health and etc. The center provides a place for mothers and children to learn, practice and play with each other and also promote their social skills which could improve the childhood quality. Moreover, training sessions are hold for mothers and child on safety issued such as home safety, fire safety, electricity safety, personal health and etc.

Good example - Violence prevention

Social Emergency Services: This service is an emergency services in the case of social issues such as suicide, violence against women and child, family problems, child and elderly abuse, preventing divorces and etc, which are free of charge and is available in three ways as mobile social emergency car, telephone consultant and in facility programs. It has a hotline phone number as 123. Furthermore, temporary residency room is provided in case of need for whom who was victim of a violence (Women, child or elderly).

Good example - Safe traffic

Urban & Traffic safety monitoring system: To do evidence based interventions on the urban and traffic safety, we have assessed whole the city considering the safety issues. The method was first, filming whole the city streets and routes, the second, the film was analysed several times for each issue. For example for identifying pedestrian infrastructures defects, the film was analysed for 5 times. The third, all the identified safety issues were tagged on the city map using Geocoding. The map was implemented using GIS layers. The process lead to identifying more than 800 safety points. The identified points were prioritized and action plans were developed by the urban and traffic safety committees. The municipality use the GIS map for monitoring the safety point's correction.

Good example - Safe public places

Payamiran system development (safety reporting application): A mobile-based application was developed to be used by the public for reporting un-safe situations in their neighbourhood. The application could be used by Android or iOS systems. Also, a website ( is developed to share the reported cases and reporting new ones. The reported cases are managed by safe community secretary and the cases are presented in the related committees. Then corrective interventions done by responsible organization. The reports feedback and cycle, goes back to the report submitters

Name of the Community: Jolfa- Aras Free Zone
Kind of Community1: City
Country: Iran
Number of inhabitants in the community: 8810 in Year 2018
Safe Community Program started year/month: 08/2017
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year (only for re-certification application):
Name of Certifier: Guldbrand Skjönberg
Name of Co-certifier: Koustuv Dalal
Name of the Safe Community Support Centre: Tabriz International Safe Community Support Centre
Info address on www for the Safe Community Program:
For further information please contact
E- mail: