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Safe Community Jeju - No.117

Official Provincial Name: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Country: Republic of Korea
Population: 560,000
Program Commencement: 2006
Year of Official Membership to International Safe City Network: Jul. 30, 2007

Official webpage for Jeju Safe Community:


Official Approval Application can be found at:

For further information contact:
Kim Youngho
Department of Urban Safety, Fire Defense Headquarters, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Yeondong 311-51, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 690-815
Republic of Korea

Telephone No.: +82-64-710-3552

E-mail :

Official Webpage :


Safety Promotion Program

Age Groups
Children between 0-14 years

  • Operation of Child Abuse Prevention counseling, protection and advertisement programs
  • Operation of Children Welfare Facility Environment Evaluation Program
  • Distribution of Children’s Car Seats
  • Introduction of International Safety School

Youths between 15-24 years

  • Distribution of CPR kit
  • Operation of Youth Counseling Centers


Adults between 25-64 years

  • Distribution of CPR kit
  • Operation of Alcohol Counseling Center
  • Distribution of Basic Safety Devices for low-income houses
  • Registration for Fire Insurance for low-income houses

Elderly ages 65 and over

  • Business on the prevention of elderly accidents
  • Business providing counseling, education and advertisements of elderly abuse prevention
  • Conducting free safety checks at elderly citizen’s homes and welfare centers
  • Business on the distribution of U-Safety Call system for the elderly
  • Construction of safety service distribution system for single elderly households

    - Homes
  • Operation of family sexual violence victim centers
  • Family safety
  • Distribution of one fire extinguisher for each household
  • Operation of civilian 119 Support Team

- Road Traffic

  • Operation of Children’s Traffic Learning Parks and Safety Experience Centers
  • Operation of designated traffic safety village
  • Expansion and repair of traffic safety facilities
  • Business improving the quality of safety protection areas for children and the elderly
  • Improvement of traffic safety facilities to optimize the efficiency of public traffic and roads
  • Operation of Safe Bicycle Riding Project
  • Operation of safety prevention education and installment of safety facilities in farming areas
  • Conducting traffic education for citizens and drivers

- Work Place

  • Operation of Monthly Safety Check Day every 4th day of the month at each business site
  • Implementation of safety education for business operators and active advertisements for safety prevention campaigns

- School

  • Operation of traffic accident prevention school zones for children
  • Promoting the establishment of an international safety school
  • Operation of outstanding safety educational schools

- Sports

  • Conducting safety checks at sporting facilities
  • Employment of safety personnel at various domestic and international sporting events

- Leisure

  • Providing tourism information and accident locations through the use of navigation systems
  • Employment of safety personnel at festivals and events
    Business on the distribution of bicycle safety gear such as helmets
  • Promotion of safety management policies for marine leisure activities
  • Business on the installment of safety facilities for the prevention of mountain accidents and conducting active promotion activities

- Natural Disasters

  • - Other
  • Hosting annual citizens’ safety experience festival (5,000 participants per year)
  • Hosting annual disaster and accident prevention policy forums (presentation and discussion on accident prevention policies every year)
  • Operation of Jeju Safety Culture Award system (across 5 different fields including schools, daily life, public, traffic and industry)
  • Conducting an annual evaluation program for program directors of safety prevention programs

Violence Prevention (Intentional Harm)

  • Operation of family and sexual violence victim healing and treatment programs
  • Operation of special care centers for females, children and elderly violence victims

Suicide Prevention

  • Business on the establishment of a suicide prevention hotline and promotion activities
  • Operation of GPS tracking system for people who may attempt suicide
  • Providing mental health services to local residents to prevent suicides

    Program Targeting High-Risk Groups
  • Operation of a safe school and promotion of children’s safety promotion policies in order to prevent child accidents
  • Business on the prevention of accidents and abuse of the elderly as well as providing education and conducting active promotion activities
  • Operation of traffic safety education and experience centers as well as conducting programs to expand the number of traffic safety facilities
  • Providing suicide prevention education, promotion, and mental health services to local residents

Deaths Caused by Accident Monitoring Program
Yearly number of deaths resulting from accidents (2001-2008)
During the recent 8 years (2001-2008) the total number of deaths caused by accidents amounted to a total of 3,186 out of total reported deaths of 22,805 (annual deaths by accident equaling 393.3). This is equivalent to 71.9 deaths per every 100,000 people, representing 13.9% of reported deaths.

When considering the number of deaths caused by accidents on a yearly basis, the number increased from 382 in 2001 to 442 in 2007. There was a decrease of 36 people in 2008 with total reported deaths of 406. Therefore, the death rate caused by accidents per every 100,000 people was 70.1 in 2001 and reached 79.1 in 2007 (15.3% of all deaths), then reduced by 6.6 people in 2008 with a total of 72.5 people (14.1%).
The causes of death include suicide (32.3%), traffic accidents (30.2%), falls (6.2%) and drowning (6.2%).
However, recently the percentage of deaths caused by traffic accidents, falling and drowning is on the decline, but the percentage of deaths caused by suicide is on a continuous

Yearly number of deaths resulting from accidents (2008-2009)
According to the data provided by the Jeju Accident Monitoring System, the total number of deaths caused by accidents in 2009 on Jeju Island was 31,406 (population ratio of 5.5%) out of total reported deaths of 128,953 (population ratio 22.7%), with a daily average of 86 people, which was an increase of 5,769 deaths (22.5%) from the previous years.

The causes of deaths include collision/stabbing/amputation/biting accidents (5,410 people; 17.2%), traffic accidents (13,280 people; 42.3%), falling accidents (5,410 people; 17.2%), and homicide/violent accidents (2,188 people; 7.0%) in order of frequency. The number of deaths for different age categories includes 32.4% for ages between 19-29, 31.4% for ages between 40-64, 14.8% for ages between 7-18, 12.4% for ages between 0-6, 7.1% for ages between 65-79, and 1.8% for ages above 80 years.

Commencement date of Death caused by accident monitoring: 2004

- Local Survey for the 『Creating Safe Jeju Community』 Plan Ⅰ
- Business Development Proposal for the 『Creating Safe Jeju Community』 Plan Ⅱ
- Official Report: Candidacy of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province as a WHO Safe Community
- Jeju Injury Surveillance Report
- Construction of Data Processing Program for Jeju Injury Surveillance Data
- A Study on the Improvement of Fire Safety Education for the Creation of Jeju Safe Community (Master’s Thesis)
- Governance Construction Strategies for the Creation of Jeju Safe Community (Master’s Thesis)
- Creating Safe Jeju Community 2030 ROADMAP
- Jeju Injury Surveillance Report (Vol. 2) Feb. 2009

- Jeju Safe Community Promotion Leaflet (2008)
- Citizen Safety Experience Festival Promotion Leaflet (2008/2009)
- Peace and Safety Forum on the Creation of Jeju Safe Community
- Jeju Injury Surveillance Report (Vol. 3) Mar. 2010

Total Number of Employees: 5
Residing: Residing 5
Permanent: Permanent 5
Organization: Urban Safety Team, Firefighter Headquarters, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Specific Affiliated Network Groups: Jeju Safe Community Committee, Jeju Damage Monitoring System Committee, Safe Love Jeju Coalition
General health promotion group

Global Participation

  • Field Trip
  • Participation at the Safe Community Conferences:
  • 3rd Asian Safe Community Conference (2005, Taiwan)
  • 15th International Safe Community Conference (2006, South Africa)
  • 4th Asian Safe Community Conference (2007, Thailand)
    17th International Safe Community Conference (2008, New Zealand)
  • 18th International Safe Community Conference (2009, Columbia)

    Hosted by Safe Community Society:
  • Jeju International Safe Community Symposium (2006, Jeju Convention Center)
  • Jeju Safe Community Approval Ceremony and Workshop (2007, Jeju Convention Center)