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Gwangju Metropolitan City

Goal, objective, strategy and program for safety promotion
within the community.
* Vision and Promotion Strategy
To realize a happy and safe community which emphasizes on safety of
citizens through prioritizing prevention and safety management

To develop the Safe Community Culture by expanding safety
infrastructure; organizing the system foundation; strengthening the
promotion of the Safe Community Program; forming a social
consensus; organizing safety education and promotion programs at
school and work; and establishing and managing of a safety
experience center.

To establish the collaborative foundation among all levels of society
by developing the Citizen Committee of Safety Culture and Safety
Promotion Campaign by citizens and institutions; and supporting private
organizations with their safety culture promotion activities to encourage
participation of citizens

To satisfy the ideologies of the International Safe Community which
prioritize injury prevention and safety by consistently executing the
Safety Promotion Programs for citizens and high-risk groups


To promote the program by creating an injury index by short-term,
mid-term, and long-term after executing the effective programs reported
in 'WHO World Injury Prevention Report' about road traffic injury
prevention, crime·assault prevention, suicide prevention, and fall

A.3 How do the head of the local government and the executive
committee involve in the program? Is the foundation of mutual
cooperation in every level of society established?
m In February 2012, we have organized the Safe Community Committee
with the mayor as a chairman and 25 members from local community
organizations. For an effective promotion of the program, we have
also organized and managed the Safe Community Working-Level

Committee with the citizen safety director as a chairman.
Organization and Management of the Safe Community Subcommittee
- Organized the Safe Community Working-Level affiliated 6
subcommittees in February 2014 to secure professionals from each
field (127 institutions and organizations participated)
- Networked local government and related institutions with a private
organization as a central figure to strengthen the local network by

Road Traffic Accident Prevention subcommittee
- Focus Program: Develop the 3 Citizen Campaigns for Advanced Traffic

· Attach and promote 3 slogan boards such as ‘Observe the Stop Line’
on buses and taxis
· The stop line observation rate increased sharply by 7%
(84% in 2013 → 91% in 2014


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