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Safe Community Delmenhorst 


Country: Germany
Number of inhabitants: 77,174
Programme started year: 1998
International Safe Communities Network Membership Designation year: 2011
Info address for community:

Full application available:


For further information contact:


Dr. Johann Böhmann

Gesundheit im Kindesalter e.V.

Wildeshauser Str. 92

D-27753 Delmenhorst


The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

For the age group

Children 0-14 years – Violence prevention:

•  “Faustlos”
avoiding violence by training of calming techniques in all primary schools and junior high schools.

•  “Kinderverkehrsschule” (traffic school for children)

•  “Schulweg-Express”
The children shall arrive at school together in groups on safe ways and therefore meet in specially installed stops like busstops with official signs.

•  „The First Safe Drive “
Parents are offered to borrow baby car seats free of charge for the “first safe drive” from delivery- hospital home.

•  Act today for stronger kids!
Exploring possibilities and limitations of applied addiction prevention for everyday day-care work.

•  Assistance in movement exercises in the day-care centre (MOT)
Training of psychomotor abilities in the setting “Kindergarten” and day care center including evaluation for one year.

•  Attention: Poison!
Multipliers communicate info rmation in the domestic setting.

•  Central Model
Support for every day care center with trainer for psychomotorik skills for children with abnormalities of movements (as a risk factor for injuries).

•  Changing Tables
The great importance of the baby changing table as a possible source of danger and the fact that parents should pay more attention to this accident is communicated.

•  Children's World is a World of Activity
Training of psychomotor abilities as par active prevention of injuries esp. by falls.

•  Family midwives of Delmenhorst
Like above training for all midwives for a special group concerned with families in socially difficult living situation.

•  First-aid courses: “First-aid to a child”

•  Further education of midwives for the prevention of accidents
Midwives play an important role for families in the early childhood. Implementation into the curriculum.

•  Huge Kitchen
Fantastic „eye catcher“ to visualize the children point of view for adults. Great success and multiple copied in Germany .

•  Improvement of Motor Skills with Music
Music as an important tool for teachers to motivate children in Kindergarten

•  Injury Data Base (IDB)
Data entry of all patients of all age groups treated in hospital due to accidents and injuries (violence, physical and mental injuries).

•  Observation and supervision of the public children's playgrounds

•  Planning and safeguarding of the way to school

•  Preventive fire protection
Ongoing activity of the fire brigade in Schools and day care centers.

•  Safety Check List
To info rm the parents-to-be about possible sources of danger and accident black spots

•  Safety on the way to school „Bäke Brücke“
By private initiative of a group of citizens construction of a own bridge for a safe way to school.

•  Schreiambulanz (Cry ER)
Early consultance for parents of children with difficult temperament and consequently danger of maltreatment.

•  Smoke Detectors
After press media and activity of the fire brigade installation of smoke detectors in all apartments of one housing association with more than 400 appartements (social housing)

•  Training of familiy-midwives in Lower Saxony
Same as above but for the hole “Land Niedersachsen”.

•  Trilingual permanent exhibition „Preventing Children's Accidents“
Performed in 3 areas with “special development”


Youth 15-24 years - Violence prevention

•  Annual prevention conference
To info rm about the risk of drug consumption as well as opportunities for prevention.

•  Award for moral courage
Annual award from the township to citizens who courageously and empathetically helped prevent a crime or helped a crime victim.

•  Injury Data Base (IDB)
Detection of the injuries by violence – the unrecorded cases.

•  KPR midnight halls
Supervised sport activities are intended to build trust relationships with the tutors and strengthen the personality of the visiting youth.

•  Streetworkers project
Longterm pacification and stabilization of the info rmal youth scene.


Youth 15-24 years - Violence prevention at schools:

•  Empty bottle!
Measures to explain, info rm and highten awareness of the dangers of alcohol consumption in kids and youth.

•  More respect in the classroom
Focus on social togetherness and its exploration in role plays.

•  We say “No!” to right-wing extremism and wolfs in sheeps' clothing
Measures to explain, info rm and highten awareness of right-wing extremism.

Youth/adults/elderly 15-65+ years - Prevention of self-injury and suicide:

•  Socio-psychiatric service in Delmenhorst
interdisciplinary workgroup since 1978 as part of social – psychiatric plan of the “Land Niedersachsen”.

•  Socio-psychiatric Network
All providers of psychosocial aid participate in the network under leadership of a psychiatrist.

•  Work group Suicide Prevention
This workgroup of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Education advisors was founded on initiative of the “round table for injury Prevention” (Runder Tisch Unfallprävention in 2010)


Adults 25-64 years - Violence prevention:

•  Award for moral courage
look above like for young victims.

•  Urban development and crime prevention


Elderly 65+ years

•  Development of questionnaires with regard to the recording of accidents of senior citizens

•  Organisation of lectures on accident prevention

•  Sport programs for the elderly

Elderly 65+ years - Prevention of accidents in traffic:

•  A training for hop on and hop off the bus

Elderly 65+ years - Prevention of falls:

•  Home visits

Publications (only English publications):

•  Ellsäßer G, Böhmann J (2001) Implementation and results of injury monitoring in a German city. European Consumer Safety Association, Programme and abstracts 3rd European Convention on Consumer Safety, Vienna



Members of the steering group: Patrick de La Lanne (Major), Peter Betten (Head of Health and Security Service), Rudolf Mattern (Head of Social Services), Dr. Helge Schumann (Direktor Gesundheitsamt), Ibrahim Tuner (political leader Ausschuß Social affaires), Gerlinde Wilms (political leader Ausschuss Health and Security), Dr. Johann Böhmann.

Interdepartmental work group „Runder Tisch Unfallprävention“

Direction: Peter Betten

Co-ordination: Dr. Johann Böhmann

International commitments: