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Dapuqiao sub district Shanghai

A.1 Brief description of the community and its historical evolution

Dapuqiao Sub-district is located in the southwest of Huangpu District, covering a total area of 1.59 km2. Dapuqiao is originally an ancient bridge in Zhao Jia Bang, located in the intersection between Xujiahui Road and Ruijing 2nd Road, and firstly found in Shanghai County Annals during the Tongzhi period in the Qing Dynasty. In 1992, the first batch of land leasing project was launched in the Xiesan block, and the community form was gradually developed from shanty housing concentrated area to modern commercial and residential area. Within the jurisdiction area, there are 29 traffic roads, with entrances and exits of Lupu Bridge as well as Subway Line 9 and North-south Viaduct going through the four corners, which have constituted a three-dimensional traffic network crisscrossing underground, ground and overground.


In the community, there are 17 community committees and 66 residential areas in total, in which there are 52 commercial housing residential areas and 14 old public house areas; there are 2 second level Class A hospitals (Ruijin Hospital Luwan Branch and Luwan Maternal and Child Health Hospital), 1 first level Class A medical institution (Dapuqiao Community Health Service Center) and 4 standardized health service stations under the Community Health Service Center; there are 3 pension agencies; there are 1 amateur university, 3 secondary schools, 2 primary schools and 4 kindergartens. Within the jurisdiction, there are Community Affairs Service Center, Community Cultural Activity Center, Community Life Service Center, Community Health Service Center and other service institutions for all kinds of people in the community. Within the jurisdiction, there are 16 commercial buildings, mainly in commerce and business service industries, in which the Dapu business district where the ASE Center Plaza is located is the largest single mall in downtown Shanghai. There are two major creative industry parks: “Tianzifang” - a “three-in-one” area of combining creative industrial parks, 3A class tourist attractions and residential areas; “Park 2 Space” - the first service outsourcing industrial park in Shanghai City.


Tianzifang Creative Industry Park

Park 2 Space International Service Outsourcing Industry Park


Dapuqiao Sub-district Administrative Area Map

A.2 Description of vision and goals related to safety of the community

A.2.1 Vision for safe community construction

Dapuqiao Community has adhered to the concept of “safety, health and harmony” and has insisted on the way of “government leading, multi-party participation, scientific monitoring, demonstration and guidance, detail intervention and sustainable development” to do well the work for injury prevention and safety promotion in the community. The community has advocated the safe community concept of “every one has equal access to health and safety”, has spread the scientific knowledge of safety and health, and has enhanced the technology for safety prevention, so as to reduce unsafe factors, prevent and control various injuries in the community as well as reduce injury loss of the residents. The community has established and improved a long-term mechanism for community safety promotion and injury prevention, and has promoted the perfection of safe production and public safety pattern through continuous research and exploration, so as to form a good atmosphere of public construction, public participation and public sharing, and build up a virtuous circle operation system of maintaining community safety.

A.2.2 Overall goals for safe community construction

Minimize various types of personal injury, and in the circumstance that the number of elderly within the jurisdiction is increasing year by year, ensure that the injury rate of elderly is stable with a slight decline; reduce the accident rate caused by improper use of gas; ensure that the major casualty accident rate in workplace is 0; reduce traffic accidents by 2% on average annually; keep zero casualty in fire accident; no massive death and injury accident in crowded places or massive fire accident occurs; no major casualty accident of students in school and children occurs. Strive to make the satisfaction rate of residents to community safety status achieve more than 85%. The main goals include:

(1) Continue to understand the injury types of the local area and its occurrence laws and reasons through community resident injury investigation and analysis, study prevention measures and solutions, and continuously improve safety safety status of the community.

  • Continue to carry out safety intervention projects for high risk population, high risk environment, vulnerable groups and unsafe factors in the community.
  • Integrate governmental and social forces, carry out multi-party cooperation, and collaborate to do well the injury prevention and safety promotion work of Dapuqiao Sub-district, so as to construct the safety culture which meets the needs of the community and regional characteristics.
  • Widely publicize the concept of safety community, so as to make it go deep into every household and continuously improve safety awareness rate and satisfaction rate of the community residents.
  • Perfect the construction of infrastructure, and improve the rapid process of inspection, discovery and maintenance, so as to continuously improve environmental safety of the community.

A.3 How does the local government participate in safe community construction work? Who is responsible for the relevant work?

As a dispatched agency of Huangpu District Government, Dapuqiao Sub-district Office has comprehensively carried out safe community construction work under the coordination and guidance of Huangpu District Safety Production Supervision and Administration Bureau. The sub-district has established a safe community leading team, the team leader is undertaken by director of the sub-district office, and there are 31 cross-border cooperations, such as Huangpu District Fire Brigade, District Traffic Police Twelfth Squadron, Dapuqiao Police Station, Tianzifang Park Management Committee, Health and Disease Control Center, Gas Company, Elderly Association, Community Trade Union, Women's Federation, Red Cross, Federation of Disabled Persons, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, community safety volunteer team, various offices of the sub-district, and related functional departments of the district etc, so to as jointly promote safe community construction.

Under the safe community leading team, a safe community creation office (hereafter referred to as “creation office”) equipped with 3 full-time staff has been set. At the same time, the project working teams for traffic safety, fire safety, gas safety, school and child safety, workplace safety, public safety, elder safety, sports safety and disabled person safety have also been set.

A.4 Community risk general situation description

(1) Elderly safety. The injury occurrence rate for the elderly of above 65 years old in the community is 428.83/100,000, which is ranked the first in various age groups.

(2) Child safety. Community children are accounted for 9% in permanent resident population of the community, and the evaluation of the District Disease Control Center on the risk factors of home injury and home environmental injury for the children of 0-3 years old in the community show that, the injury occurrence rate for children below 3 years old in the community is 6.5%; the number of injury cases for students in schools and kindergartens of 3-14 years old is 32, all of which belong to slight injury, and the injury type of falling / dropping is accounted for more than 95%. Therefore, the children of 0-14 years old belong to high injury risk population.

(3) Disabled person safety. Disabled persons are accounted for 2.8% in permanent resident population of the community. Due to the inconvenience caused by disability in body, spirit, vision or hearing or multiple disabilities, compared with healthy people, this group is more vulnerable to injury.

(4) Workplace safety. Within the jurisdiction, there are 2,143 various kinds of production and business units, and 2 construction sites. The proportion of migrant workers, who have low safety skills and are prone to injury, is large.

(5) Resident gas safety. Within the jurisdiction, there are 28,711 resident gas households, in which the number of old public houses is accounted for 47.8% in total houses. The structures of these houses are aged, the age of their gas pipelines is long, some pipelines have serious rotten phenomenon, so they have gas safety hazards.

(6) Traffic safety. Within the jurisdiction, there are 1 east-west main road and 1 south-north main road. Most accidents occur in intersection of the main roads, and the reasons are that the mixed situation of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians is prominent, the traffic flow is large, it is greatly affected by the external traffic, and local congestion phenomenon in morning and evening peak hours is serious; in addition, non-motor vehicle traffic safety, pedestrian traffic safety, construction site vehicle entrance and exit safety, and campus gate traffic safety also have hazards.

(7) Fire risk. Old public house areas are accounted for more than 21% in the community, but more than 90% fires in the community occur in old public house areas. The main reasons are that they are mainly brick wood structures, which generally have the fire safety hazards that building fire resistance grades are low, electrical circuits are aged, fire passages are narrow and residents are used to heap objects etc. Within the jurisdiction, hardware facilities of the small restaurants surrounding the old residential areas are obsolete, and practitioners lack of security knowledge, so there are many fire safety hazards.

(8) Community theft risk. The community has ASE and Tianzifang and other crowded business districts and many old residential areas. The former is large in people flow, prone to pick-pocketing cases; the latter is not complete in anti-theft and monitoring facilities generally, prone to burglary cases.

(9) Community resident sports risk. The resident sports injuries occurring in sports sites of the community are accounted for 7.4% in total injuries. Physical fitness facilities of the residents lack of effective maintenance, and safety is not in place; elderly and other vulnerable groups cannot use fitness equipment properly, and their safety awareness is weak; community residents lack of corresponding emergency treatment skills for the prevention and treatment of sports injury.


Part B  Community composition


B.1 Community population composition description

As of December 2015, the number of permanent resident population is 65,858, the total number of resident household population is 62,866, and the number of floating population is 16,524.

2012 - 2015 Dapuqiao District Population Statistics



Permanent resident population (person)

Floating population (person)




























































The number of disabled persons in the community now is 1,871, accounted for 1.4% of permanent resident population, in which the number of persons with limb disability is 664, the number of persons with spirit disability is 228, the number of persons with visual disability is 520, the number of persons with hearing disability is 168, and the number of persons with multiple disabilities is 35.

In the community, the number of employees in production and operation is 74,000, in which the number of migrant workers is 16,507, accounted for 22.3% in production and operation employees. The number of people living on minimum subsistence allowances is 3,819, which is accounted for 5.7% in total population of the whole community.

B.2 Safe community construction work general situation description

A safe community creation leading team was established in March 2008. Establish an injury monitoring network of taking District Disease Control Center and Community Health Center as the main and various functional departments jointly participate in, and at the same time, carry out injury baseline survey; collect injury data from public safety (public order, traffic police and fire control), safety supervision and other government functional departments; carry out community public opinion safety demand investigation, and according to actual demands of the jurisdiction, make promotion plans for the 9 categories of safety such as workplace, traffic safety, elderly safety, disabled person safety, fire safety, resident gas safety, campus and child safety, community sports safety and community anti-theft cases etc, and at the same time, widely publicize the safe community concept.

In July 2009, Dapuqiao Sub-district was named as a national safety community; in October 2014, it was reevaluated as a national safety community.