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Changwon, Korea

Name of the Community: Changwon
Country: Korea
Number of inhabitants: 1,091,471(as of December , 2012)
Programme started year: 2010
International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year: 2013 Name of the Certifying Centre: Center for Community Safety Promotion,

Ajou University Medical Center, Suwon, Korea Info address on www for the Programme:

For further information contact:

Name: Sangbeom Park, Hoijong Jung, Myungsuk Shin
Institution: Changwon City Hall / Security and Public Administration Division Address: 151 Jungang-daero, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea Zip code: 641-703
City: Changwon
Country: South Korea
Phone (country code included): +82-55-225-4512
Fax: +82-55-225-4738

Info address on www for the institution: The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

Infant/ Elementary School Student 0-12 years:

・Daily life safety education

・Produce a safety video for children Traffic:

・Traffic safety education for children
・Traffic theme park field education for children
・Safety education for school bus drivers and teaching assistants ・Safety education for teachers at a daycare center
・Safety culture experience event for children
・Operate a bicycle safety education for children
・Walking safety instruction in school zone
・Operate a visiting safety class for children
・Distribute traffic safety equipment to children
・Conduct a bicycle license test and issue a bicycle license ・Traffic safety poster contest
・Make and distribute a traffic accident risk area map
・Safety inspection of a day-care school bus
・Install children’s commuting route around school
・Children protection zone improvement project
・Establish a children’s traffic park
・Safety management and inspection of a school bus

・Safety education for a school bus

・Traffic safety education
・Creating safe daycare center and kindergarten environments ・Strengthen regulations of safety environments in kindergartens ・Walking safety instruction for children in school zone
・Writing a safety journal
・Operate a school guard system
・Make a safety map for children
・Publish a safety guidebook for children
・Visiting children’s safety class
・∙Safety observation campaign for children
・Produce a safety video for children
・Build school commuting route for children
・Creating safe school environments
・Operate a demonstration school with security guards

・Operate an international safety demonstration school Sports/Leisure:

・Children’s bicycle license test

Teenager 13-18 years:


・Operate a Youth Center for Sex Education and Counseling

・Domestic violence, sexual violence prevention program

・Operate a family counseling class

・Operate a bicycle safety class for middle & high school students

・School violence prevention program

・Youth sexual violence prevention camp
・School violence experience & guidance (healing) program

・Bicycle traffic safety education

Adults 19-64 years:


・The first aid training

・Woman friendly city project

・Elder abuse prevention program

・Operate a free bicycle class for citizens

・Safety education for commercial drivers
・Traffic safety campaign
・Drinking & driving prevention education and campaign

・Safety education for public work participators

・Health safety & industrial disaster prevention education for street cleaners ・Safety education for old workers at risk of industrial disasters
・Company doctor project
・Post-traumatic stress disorder prevention education for fire fighters ・Moving safety education & counseling for foreign workers

・Spread & promotion of the safety culture ・Safety Inspection Day event
・Health counseling for foreign workers

・Operate a moving safety education bus for disaster prevention ・Safety inspection for facilities in large construction sites
・Decrepit public facilities improvement project in apartment buildings ・Safety inspection for facilities in public work places

・Safety & health guards patrol activity & promotion in places of frequent disaster ・Operate a worker’s health center
・Operate a moving counseling office of the worker’s health center
・Manage safety & health guards

・Establish a local network for strengthening community health
・Implement safety inspections for high-rise buildings and joint fire safety inspection

・Operate a free bicycle class for citizens

・Aquatic recreation safety accident prevention campaign ・Aquatic recreation safety guard training
・Operate a CPR field education center
・Install and maintain convenience and safety facilities for bicycles ・Establish daily life bicycle lanes

・Prior inspection of the current situation of safety management of aquatic recreational facilities
・Install water safety facilities and conduct safety inspection
・Bicycle insurance

・Operate the exclusive TF department for water safety ・Dispatch water safety guards

Elderly 65+ years:

・Safety education for care givers of the elderly who live alone

・Senior care-giving comprehensive service project ・Operate a relief call service for the elderly who live alone

・Traffic safety education for seniors

・Operate a bicycle safety education for seniors ・Distribute traffic safety equipment to seniors ・Senior protection zone improvement project

Natural Disaster :

・Firefighting experience program for children
・Implement a disaster countermeasure safety Korea training
・Electricity & gas facility safety promotion
・Fire prevention at traditional markets & fire truck route securing training ・Fire safety inspection and facility distribution for households at risk of disaster ・Improve areas prone to floods
・Safety inspection for disaster prevention facilities and facilities prone to disaster ・Make a disaster safety map
・Manage a safety monitoring volunteer group

Violence prevention :

・Children abuse and sexual violence prevention education for teachers in a daycare center
・Disappearance ∙ kidnap and sexual abuse prevention education
・Puppet play for disappearance ∙ kidnap and sexual abuse prevention

・Sexual ∙ domestic violence prevention education
・School violence prevention education and counseling
・Senior abuse prevention education and counseling
・Daycare center CCTV installation
・Establish the Changwon City CCTV integrated control center
・Make a safety map for children
・∙Guidance activities of the youth guidance council
・Night patrol in crime-ridden area by a local voluntary crime prevention group ・Install and manage CCTV for crime prevention ∙School patrol activities ・Operate a local children’s center
・Operate a youth counseling & welfare center
・Designate & operate a school violence police officer
・Dispatch a school violence counselor
・Operate the senior abuse counseling line (1577-1389)
・Operate the Silver Smile Project group
・Operate a children & women protection regional solidarity organization ・Operate a school violence report 117 system
・Operate a neighborhood patrol
・Operate a harmful environment for youth observer group
・Operate a local voluntary crime prevention group

Suicide prevention :

・Children’s mental health improvement program ・Healthy cities family newspaper contest ・Suicide prevention education
・Citizen health seminar

・Suicide prevention line(1577-0199) promotion and counseling ・Mental health & suicide prevention campaign
・Suicide crisis intervention and counseling activity ・Environmental improvement of places of frequent suicide accidents ・Install an automatic self-examination of mental health kiosk ・Manage the suicide prevention subcommittee of Changwon City ・Establish a suicide prevention safety network

・Operate a 24-hour suicide prevention counseling counter
・Operate a visiting postnatal care center for postnatal depression prevention ・Operate a workplace health experience center

Programs aiming at “High-risk groups”:

Low-income groups
・Distribute self-contained type fire alarm devices to beneficiaries of the national basic livelihood
・Establish the cooperation system for safety management of facilities prone to gas lines ・Support house fire insurance for the neglected social groups
Minority in the community
・Traffic safety education for commercial drivers and transportation companies ・Facility safety inspection in a large construction site
・Decrepit environment improvement project for apartment buildings
・Operate the moving counseling office of a health center for workers
Intentional injury including victims of crime and self-harm
・Suicide prevention counseling
・Citizen health seminar
・Install an automatic mental health self-examination kiosk
・Operate a moving counseling office of a postnatal care center for postnatal depression prevention
・Operate a workplace health experience center
・Manage a senior suicide prevention network
Mental illness, developmental delay, etc
・Operate a rehabilitation program
・Traffic safety education

・Living environment improvement project for the seriously disabled ・Install convenience facilities in private facilities for the disabled ・Operate a citizen support center for the disabled victims of fire People at risk due to religion and ethnicity

・Safety education for multi-cultural families
・Operate a multi-cultural family love & socializing event
・Life adjustment education project in Korea
・Understanding family culture
・Conflict settlement between family members and financial independence support and job search counseling project

Surveillance of injuries: Primary data sources:

  1. Data on Cause of death from Statistics Korea

  2. Injury Data of an Emergency Medical Center

  3. Data on Rescues of Fire Station

  4. Road Traffic Injury Data from Police Station

  5. Injury Data of School Safety and Insurance Federation

  6. Worker Injury Data from Korea Labor welfare Corporation

Numbers per year: Every year since 2010 Population base: 1,091,471
Started year: 2010

■ Trend of Injury Deaths per the Population of 100,000 except for Diseases (People/100,000 inhabitants)

60.0 58.0 56.0 54.0 52.0 50.0 48.0 46.0









2002 2003 2004

2005 2006

2007 2008

2009 2010 2011

■ Cause of Injury Death per the Population of 100,000

・The promotional Leaflet for the International Safe Community
・The Promotional Information Board for the International Safe Community ・The International Safe Community promotional banner
・Safety manuals for children “Children Safety 365”

(People/100,000 inhabitants)

30 25 20 15 10

5 0

2002 2003





2008 2009 2010 2011

Suffocation Drowning Homicide/assault

Traffic accident
Fall Collision/Stab/cut/bite Others

Poisoning Burn/fire Suicide/self-injury


Staff :

Leader: Park Wansu

Number: 3

Professions: 3

Permanent: 3

Organization: Changwon Safe Community Commission

Specific cross-sectoral leadership group for safety promotion General public health/health promotion group :

・Changwon Police Station, ・Changwon Fire Station
・Changwon Office of Education Support ・Changwon Public Health Center ・Oedong Elementary School ・Changwon City Medical Association ・Gyeongnam University

・Changwon National University
・Gyeongnam Suicide Prevention Center
・Masan LoveAid
・Masan Youth Counseling & Welfare Center ・Uichang/Seongsan Comprehensive Senior Welfare Center ・Changwon Volunteer Organization
・Korea Gas Safety Corporation
・Changwon Daycare Center Association
・Gyeongnam Children Protection Specialized Organization ・Samsung Changwon Hospital

International commitments :

Participation in Safe Community conferences:
・the 6th Asian Regional Safe Community Conference in Japan in Nov 2012 ・the 21th International Safe Community Conference in Mexico in Oct 2013

Domestic commitments

Participation in Safe Community conferences:
・The 9th Workshop for National Safe Community Network in Jeju in Jun 2012 ・Re-designation Ceremony of Jeju in Oct 2012
・The 10th Workshop for National Safe Community Network in Cheonan in Nov 2012 ・The 11th Workshop for National Safe Community Network in Songpa & Gangbuk in May 2013
・Re-designation Ceremony of Songpa in Jun 2013
・Designation Ceremony of Gangbuk in Jun 2013
・On-site evaluation of Busan Metropolitan City in Jul 2013
・On-site evaluation of Kurume City in Aug 2013
・The 11th Workshop for National Safe Community Network in Busan in Nov 2013