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Safe Community Borås City

Name of the Community: Borås City
Country: Sweden
Number of inhabitants in the community: 105,000
Safe Community Programme started year: 1994
International Safe Communities Network Membership:
Designation year: 1998; 2008; 2012
Name of the Certifying Centre: EU- Certifying Centre
Certifier: Boerge Ytterstad, Norway Co-certifier: Reza Mohammadi, Iran
Application report:

For further information contact:

Marie Schörling Erikson

The Leisure and Public Health Department, Borås City Sturegatan 38
SE-501 80 Borås City, Sweden
Phone +46(0)734 328090

The programme covers the following safety promotion activities:

For the age group

Children 0-14 years:
Home: Child safety book, Family Centre, Children of drug addicts
Traffic: Bicycle helmets, child car seats, Safe Cycling, Moped training
School: Anti Bulling program, Safe preschools, Child protection rounds, Training in Child CPR/First Aid, Certified reflective vests, Security walks, Safe Playground, swimming classes Sports: Safe and secure association
Leisure: Child safety theme day, Safe playground
Evidence-based strategies: COPE – The Community Parent Education Program

Youth 15-24 years:
Home: EFFEKT programme, Children of drug addicts
Traffic: Moped training
Program for: Bicycle/ Motorcycle helmets, disturb bootlegging/Think again, EFFEKT programme, The Kronoberg model, MBU – The person behind the uniform
School: Security walks, Anti Bulling program
Sports: Safe and secure association
Leisure: Young victims of crime
Evidence-based strategies: Mediation, EFFEKT programme, The Kronoberg model, COPE – The Community Parent Education Program

Adults 25-64 years:
Home: Women ́s and girl ́s shelter, Violence against women, The resort/Utväg, Neighbourhood watch

Traffic: Visibility, Alcohol non use, Speed checks, Seat belts, Safe traffic training, accident investigations, road work checks, Bicycle helmets and seatbelt count
Occupational: Bike pool, alcohol interlocks and certified reflective vests in all municipal cars, systematic work environment management

Sports: Safe and secure association
Leisure: Violence and threats against LGBT people, Violence in LGBT relationships, violence against homeless, program for availability, Borås Clean and Neat, Safety walks, doping prevention

Elderly 65+ years:
Home: Safety Service for the elderly, Safe as a Senior, Senior guide, Home visits, neighbourhood watch, checklists for home security, diet and physical activity, free anti slip devices
Traffic: Senior safety group, free reflectors, safe senior driving
Leisure: Lectures, safety walks, program for availability

Natural Disaster: the consequences (human injuries) related to Natural Disaster. (example Tsunami Warning System, earthquake safe houses)
Borås City has an action plan for work with the prevention of accidents and extraordinary occurrences.

Violence prevention:

Young victims of crime, The resort, Project Women, Women ́s and girl ́s shelter, Violence and threats against LGBT people, Violence in LGBT relationships
Evidence-based strategies: Mediation

Suicide prevention:

Borås City has no programme aimed specifically at the prevention of suicide. This has been a conscious prioritisation. Incidents such as poisoning, fire, violence, suicide, drowning etc. are often rooted in social problems such as substance abuse or psychological illness. Promoting psychological health and working to prevent social problems is therefore a way of reducing these types of accidents.

Evidence-based strategies: COPE – The Community Parent Education Program

Programs aiming at ”High risk-groups”:
The High risk-goups are: People with low levels of education or low incomes have a shorter life expectancy and report a poorer health status than the general population. Women's self- reported health status is generally poorer than that of men, while men have shorter life expectancy than women. People with disabilities, immigrant background or LGBT identity also report poorer health than the general population.

Surveillance of injuries:

In Borås, various additional data to monitor injury frequencies and causes are used. Besides damage frequency and cause compliance are also statistics in security, mental health, and use of alcohol and drugs as these areas considered to have a bearing on injury prevention work.

For example, registering injuries can be done at hospitals, health centres, dentists, schools, care of the elderly organizations and the local police. Household surveys can also be used for collection of data about injuries and risk environments and risk situations.

The main sources regarding damage frequency in Borås are as follows;

- Traffic Accident based on reporting accidents from police and hospital – since 1994 - Welfare - Cause of Death Registry, hospitalization due to injury – since 1994
- Health care - number of fall injuries leading to hospitalization – since 1994
Cause and location

The main sources for injuries cause and location where they occurred are as follows;

- Swedish Traffic Accident Data Acquisition (STRADA) – since 2005

- All certified nursery of statistics relating to injuries. – since 1998

- Deviation from the elderly is reported annually to the MAS / MAR (Medical Director Nurse / Medical Director for Rehabilitation). – since 2004

- The municipal health report regularly to the municipal MAS and MAR event where a patient is exposed to a risk. Serious incidents reported to the National Board. – since 2005

- Serious injuries that occur on the municipal sports facilities reported to the municipality's security coordinator. – since 2005

- Fall Injury registration to the MAS / MAR in special housing. – since 2004

Other statistics

Rescue Services - number extinguished fires, number of alarms
Crime Prevention Council - crime statistics, security measurement – since 1998 Injury reporting in preschools – since 2001

Number: 4
Professions: full-time:
Development manager for A Safe Community, Leisure and Public Health Department Safety Manager Borås, Municipal Risk Management
Safety Coordinator, Fire and Rescue Service
Drug- and crime prevention Coordinator, Leisure and Public Health Department Specific cross-sectoral leadership group for safety promotion

  • -  Safety Council

  • -  Strategic Group for Public Health Issues

  • -  Child Safety Council and contact coordinator groups for child safety.

  • -  Senior Safety Council and contact coordinator groups for senior safety.

  • -  Association Safety Council

  • -  Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ:B)

  • -  Traffic Safety Council

  • -  Drug prevention group

  • -  Senior Safe Traffic Council

  • -  Safety for unprotected road users (SOT)

  • -  Borås Clean and Neat

International commitments:

Organised Study visits for the following visiting communities:

  • -  Umeå (2010, 2012)

  • -  Bollebygd (2011)

  • -  Jönköping (2011)

  • -  Göteborg (2011)

  • -  Falköping (2012)

  • -  Kungsbacka (2013)

    Participation in Safe Community conferences:

  • -  Borås (2008) National

  • -  Island (2010) European

  • -  Staffanstorp/Lund (2010) National

  • -  Falun (2011) International

  • -  Falköping (2012) European

    Hosting Safe Community Conferences: When?

- Borås (2008) National

Hosting ”Traveling Seminars”:
During the years 2003 to 2007 Borås City participated in a cooperation project with Pretoria (South Africa) and Kaunas (Lithuania). The purpose was to inform and stimulate initiatives that lead to injury prevention and violence prevention work.

In the spring of 2007 Borås City had a visit from delegates from Pretoria who stayed for four days.

Borås City participates regularly in a regional network for Safe Communities in Västra Götaland (Uddevalla, Tidaholm, Töreboda, Falköping, Mariestad, Lidköping, Tjörn and Borås).