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Banja Luka

Safe Community Banja Luka

Banja Luka

Country: Republic of Srpska, BiH
Number of inhabitants: 225,123
Programme started: 2007
Designation year: 2011
Designation by: European Safe Community Certifying Centre Info:

Full application report: link


Dr Mira Kecman, Coordinator Sanja Malic, MA, Leader Dragan Vukajlovic, MA, Leader

Dragoljub Davidovic

Mayor of Banja Luka
Safe Community Council President

Sanja Malic, МA

МD Mira Kecman

Coordinator of Safe Community of Banja Luka Representative of the Department of Social

Activities in ASG

Dragan Vukajlovic, MA

Leaders of the Safe Community Banja Luka

The city of Banja Luka is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the largest university, industrial, financial, political and administrative center of the Republic of Srpska (one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Banja Luka is located in a valley through which flow the rivers of Vrbas and Vrbanja.

Due to a big number of green areas Banja Luka carries the epithet of a ’’city of green areas’’ and some also call it ’’a city of young people, sport and culture’’.
In the post war period Banja Luka is opening up to countries of market economy and it sees its chance in the development of trade, tourism, agriculture and the food industry.

As a Safe Community, the City of Banja Luka’s goal is to promote safety through prevention of injuries, violence and suicides and through mitigation of consequences of natural catastrophes through activities directed towards all age groups.

Safe community Banja Luka is realized through a number of programs which are realized in cooperation with institutions and organizations of the public, private and non-government sector. By recognizing the experiences of good practice of providing of services in partnership, especially in the field of social protection, Banja Luka was awarded the Beacon status.

A preference in the direction of promotion of security and prevention of injuries is reflected through the vision, goals and the motto of a Safe community of Banja Luka.


Banja Luka as a Safe Community wants to create conditions for general safety of the citizens.


Activities on creation of conditions for a safe and healthy school, home, living and working environment;

Raising awareness of citizens about healthy lifestyles and the significance of prevention of injuries and promotion of safety of all citizens, especially vulnerable groups;

Activities to decrease the number of injuries by supporting the existing programmes of prevention and prevention of injuries with their improvement;

Development of a unique system for reporting on injuries according to recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Activities on achieving of goals include multi-partner cooperation and the work of public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations and the media.

The motto of safe community Banja Luka for promotion of safety and prevention of injuries is: Clean, safe and sound city!

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