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Presentation of the Safe Community Programs

Atsugi City, Japan

Name of the CommunityAtsugi city


Number of inhabitants in the community225,133 (as of January. 1, 2015)

Safe Community Programme started year 2008

International Safe Communities Network Membership: Designation year


Name of the Safe Community Support Centre

Japan Institution for Safe Communities

Name of Certifier   Designation year2010

Prof. JoonPil Cho (Korea)

Prof. Lu Pai (Taiwan)

Designation year2015

General Manager Guldbrand Skjönberg (Sweden)

Name of Co-certifierDesignation year2015

Prof. JoonPil Cho (Korea)

Info address on www for the Programms

For further information contact


Name      Norimasa INOUE (Mr.) ,Shuichi BAIRAKU (Mr.) ,

Susumu UENO (Mr.) , Yuki SATO (Mr.)


Institution   Safe Community Promotion Section, Risk Management Department, Atsugi City Government

Address   3-17-17, Nakachou, Atsugi, Kanagawa

Zip code   243-8511

Municipality/ City: Country Atsugi City, Japan

Phone    +81-46-225-2865    Fax  +81-46-221-0260


Info address on www for the institution (or community as a whole)


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