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Code of Conduct and Ethical rules for International accredited Safe Community Certifiers, adopted by the Board 2014-10-09


We as certifiers must be impartial as well as service oriented. We must be aware that we belong to a group of officials looked upon as potential improper approaches and should therefore show a high standard with objectivity, integrity and impartiality. We must build trust and confidence and never compromise on quality or integrity. Certifiers should be independent of any role in the Safe Community programs.

  1. We must find out about the actual local community culture and adapt to that as much as possible without loosing independence.
  2. The Communities we visit pay for our missing salary, travel costs, lodging and food during site- visit(s) and designation event, according to special recommendation document.
  3. We don’t accept gifts or other benefits that is at risk of being looked upon as improper influence.
  4. We always act in interests of the Safe Community movement as certifiers and never act in the interests of any other organization.
  5. If we have persons accompanying us they shall cover their own full costs and stay out of the certifying process.


  1. If any conflict or potential conflicts of interest for the Safe community movement occur we must report it to the Safe Community Certifying Centre.


  1. We never participate in the certifying process of a community in our own country