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Michael Lowery-Wilson

Name: Michael Lowery-Wilson
Country: Tanzania, Finland

Email address:

Background and education:

PhD, Injury Epidemiology, University of Turku, Finland (2018)
MPH, Public Health, Karolinska Institute, Sweden (2007)

Mentor-VIP program for violence and injury prevention, World Health Organization Unit for Violence and Injury Prevention (2010-2011)

Safe Community Experience:

As Certifier: Wangjing, CHINA (2018); Jinsong, CHINA (2018); Zhanlanlu, CHINA (2018); Xinjiekou, CHINA (2018); Xincheng, CHINA (2018); Xueyuanlu Sub-district, CHINA (2018); Huamu Community, CHINA (2018);  Wujiaochang Sub-district, CHINA (2018); Siping Sub-district, CHINA (2018); Borås, SWEDEN (2018); Voralberg, AUSTRIA (2017); Tjörn, SWEDEN (2017); Xicheng District, Beijing, CHINA (2017).

As Co-Certifier: Shuangjing, CHINA (2018); Financial Street Sub-district, CHINA (2018); Desheng Sub-district, CHINA (2018); Wiangsa Nan, THAILAND (2018); Klang Wiang, THAILAND (2018); Kangmei Sub-district of Yubei District of Chingqing City, CHINA (2017); Mapo Town, Shunyi district, Beijing, CHINA (2018); Jialian Sub-district, CHINA (2017); Kulangsu (2017); Gumi, SOUTH KOREA (2017); Kongjiang, CHINA (2017); Suncheon City, SOUTH KOREA (2017).

Official Observer: Site evaluation for the International Safe Community re-certification of Izomiotsu City, JAPAN (August 2017)

Community-based training, advocacy and research in injury prevention and safety promotion in Tanzania (2009-present)

Participation in Safe Community conferences: Suwon (2010), Falun (2011), Nan (2015), Atsugi (2018)

Experience as ISC Certifier

Number of designated communities as Certifier: 13, as co-Certifier: 12