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Maria Isabel Gutierrez Martinez

Accredited International Safe Community Name: Maria Isabel Gutierrez Martinez

Country: Colombia

Email Skype address: marisa-gutierrez

Background Education

PhD$Department$Mental$Hygiene,$School$of$Public$Health,$Johns$Hopkins$University,$Baltimore,$USA,$ 2003.$ PostDDoctoral$ Fellow,$ Epidemiology$ of$ Drug$ Use,$ Department$ of$ Mental$ Health,$ School$ of$ Public$ Health,$ Johns$ Hopkins$ University,$ Baltimore,$ USA,$ 1999D2001.$ Health$ and$ Human$ Rights$ Certificate,$ School$ of$ Public$ Health,$ Johns$ Hopkins$ University,$ Baltimore,$ USA$ 1998D$ 1999.$ PostD doctoral$ fellow,$ Center$ for$ Injury$ Research$ and$ Policy,$ Health$ Policy$ and$ Management$ Department,$ School$ of$ Public$ Health,$ Johns$ Hopkins$ University,$ Baltimore,$ USA,$ 1997.$ Master$ of$ Science$ en$ Epidemiology$ y$ Biostatistics,$ McGill$ University,$ Montreal,$ Canada,$ 1989.$ Doctor$ in$ Medicine$ and$ Surgery,$Universidad$del$Valle,$Cali,$Colombia,$1984.$


Safe Community Experiences:$$
Director$ of$ Cisalva$ Institute$ at$ Universidad$ del$ Valle,$ in$ Cali,$ Colombia,$ which$ is$ designated$ as$ an$ Affiliate$Support$Centerand$a$Certifying$Center$for$a$Safe$Community$in$2007$from$the$WHO$CC$CSP$ in$KI.$Participation$in$several$International$Conferences,$events$and$meetings$including:$the$19
th$Safe$ Community$ International$ Conference$ in$ Suwon,$ Korea,$ 2010;$ the$ 20th$ Safe$ Community$ International$ Conference$in$Falun,$Sweden,$2011;$$the$6th$Asian$Region$Conference$in$Seul,$Korea,$2012,$Organizer$ of$the$18th$International$Conference$on$Safe$Community,$Cali,$Colombia,$AgustD2009;$CoDorganizer$of$ 1st,$ $ 2nd$ and$ 3rd$ Latin$ America$ Regional$ Conference$ on$ Safe$ Community,$ Peñaflor,$ Chile,$ septD2011,$ San$ Borja,$ Peru,$ octD2012$ and$ Mixco,$ Gutemala$ nov$ 2014.$ Academic$ Chair$ of$ the$ 21st$ International$ Conference$ on$ Safe$ Community$ in$ Merida,$ Mexico,$ OctD2013,$ and$ Chair$ of$ the$ 7th$ Asian$ Conference$ on$ Safe$ Communities$ in$ Busan,$ Korea,$ mayD2014.$ Chair$ of$ the$ Latina$ American$ Network$ of$ Safe$ Communities.$Recieved$the$”International$Distinguished$Safe$Community$Career$Award”$in$2011.$

WHO CCCSP Training as certifier:

Course$during$the 21st$International$Conference$on$Safe$Community$in$Merida,$Mexico,$OctD2013.

Experience as ISC Certifier:

Number of designated communities as Certifier: 13 Number of designated communities as co-Certifier: 5