Accredited International Safe Community Certifier

Name: Larry J. Zacher
: Canada
Email address:

Skype address: larry.zacher1

Larry Zacher presenting to Mayor & City Council, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Background Education:

Bachelor of Science, University of Calgary, Alberta

Safe Community Experiences:

Executive Director since 2005 of Community Safety Collaborative Partnership for a city of 560,000 population; 10+ years experience managing communications, marketing and sustainability strategies for public health programs at the local and provincial levels

WHO CCCSP Training as certifier:

Training and Accreditation received in Winnipeg, Canada in 2008

Experience as ISC Certifier:

Number of designated communities as Certifier: 0 as co-Certifier: 7

Since 2008, Larry Zacher has filled the role of co-Certifier in a total of 7 designation applications-- 6 in North America, and 1 in China. He has attended 7 site visits and 4 international designation ceremonies.