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Koustuv Dalal

Accredited International Safe Community Certifier

Name: Koustuv Dalal
Country: Sweden
Email address: Skype address: Koustuv.dalal

Background Education

Professor Koustuv Dalal, PhD is a health economist with decades of experience of research and intervention of injury prevention and safety promotion. He has many PhD students researching on injury prevention and safety promotion. He has developed many Bachelor, Master and PhD level courses on health economics, injury prevention and public health. Koustuv has provided ‘Safe Community financing model’ to solve monetary problem of the communities. He is interested to conduct cost - benefit/effectiveness analysis of the safe communities for better decision making.

Safe Community Experiences:

Koustuv is the Director of Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (CIPSP), Örebro University, Sweden. CIPSP is the Affiliate Support Centre for Safe Communities (WHO CCCSP) and responsible for scientific evaluations. Koustuv is working more than a decade with Safe Communities. He is the Editor-in-chief of the Safe Community Monthly (WHO CCCSP) and maintaining all information regarding Safe Communities around the world for several years. He is also trainer of the certifiers of Safe Communities.

WHO CCCSP Training as certifier: Koustuv is the trainer of certifiers.

Experience as ISC Certifier:
Number of designated communities as Certifier: 25, as co-Certifier: 20