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Jeongyee Bae

Accredited International Safe Community


Name: JeongyeeBae

Country: Korea

E-mail address:






Background Education:

  • D., Ewha Woman's University, College of Nursing, Seoul, Korea, 1996
  • MS, Seoul National University, College of Nursing, Seoul, Korea, 1987
  • BS, Seoul National University, College of Nursing, Seoul, Korea, 1984
  • Visiting Scholar at University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA (2005)


Safe Community Experiences:

I started on the safety promotion project by being the PI of the children's safety education program development project for the Korean government in 2000, and have been involved in the ISC movement for 6 years.

  • Director, International Safe Community Research Center of Busan Metropolitan (2011~present)
  • Chair, Inje University Institute for International Safe Community (2010~present)
  • Safety Policy Advisor, Korean Ministry of Public Safety and Security(2015~present)
  • Organized the 7th Asian Regional Conference on Safe Communities in Busan (2014)
  • Program leader, Busan Metropolitan Safe Community Designation Project(2009~present)
  • Have been supporting 7 Communities : Gumi City, Ulsan Metropolitan Nam District,

Daegu Metropolitan Suseong District, Busan Metropolitan Saha District,

Busan Metropolitan City,

  • Director, Busan Psychological Support Center for Disaster Victims (2008~present)
  • Presented 150 published research papers and 160 conference proceedings


WHO CCCSP Training as certifier:

  • Preconference Workshop, International Safe Communities Conference in Mexico(2013)
  • Participated in ISC & IP conferences organized by ISCCC 7 times.

Experience as ISC Certifier:

  • Number of designated communities as Certifier : 1, as co-Certifier : 7