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Gu Lin

Education Background:

Bachelor of Industry and Bachelor of Economy(South China University of Technology,2000)

Master of Economy(South China normal University,2007)

Safe Community Experiences:

Gu Lin has been engaged in safe community work since 2009. He worked hard to promote safe community in China, providing guidance to more than 50 safe communities. As a national safe community certifier in China, he has certified more than 30 communities. He has been promoting safe community work in China for a long time, and published more than 20 articles on safe community in newspapers, magazines and forums.


Training as certifier:

International Safe Community Certifiers Educational Course

The course consist of home studies via email, September 2018- July 2019

Seminar in Tabriz University of Medical Science,Tabriz, Iran

Participation as trainee in at least three site-visits