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Barbara Minuzzo



Name: Barbara Minuzzo Country: Australia



Skype address: Barbara.Minuzzo2

Tel no: + 61 0432174177

ISC Regional Network: Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network

Background Educational Qualifications:

PGDpHthprom (Post Graduate Diploma Health Promotion)

2017              Graduate Diploma of Adolescent Health and Wellbeing – University of Melbourne

2016/17 Global Adolescent Health University of Melbourne

Safe Community Experiences:

Safe community work at local level, state, national and international level

Recipient of the 2009 Award for Excellence in Injury Prevention Practice from the Australian Injury Prevention Network (AIPN) and several other awards from Government Institutions including the Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2010 Award – Service Delivery to Multicultural Victoria – Community Services and the 2012 3M Australian College of Road Safety ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award Winner Project: Transport of Children and Youth with Additional Needs (TOCAN)), in recognition of the winning innovative contribution to improving road safety

Indication length of time you have been involved in supporting ISC: Since Jan 1995

2013/2014     Karolinska Institute -WHO Collaborating Centre -Sweden 2014 - I year course - Community Safety Promotion at Karolinska Institute Dept. Public Health Sciences International Accredited Safe Community Certifier. Participated in a one year scholarship course followed by a full week in Sweden hosted by the City of Lidkoping to participate in the World Health Collaborating Centre in Community Safety Promotion (WHO CCCSP) at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Sweden and received qualifications for Accreditation as an International Safe Community Certifier

23 March 2010 Suwon Korea WHO CCCSP Training as certifier: organized by Prof Leif Svanstrom and Bo Henricson MD Secretary, Certifying Centre Swedish Association for Safe Communities WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden and Swedish Association for Safe Communities,

Number of Designated communities as Certifier 0 as co-Certifier 11


Other relevant information:

I have been a Communities that Care (Australia) Director since 2008 as a  youth health and safety expert with particular expertise in unintentional and intentional injury, community engagement, and health sector knowledge, training, course design, media liaison, public advice giving and multi-cultural outreach.
Passionate, committed, courageous and task focused with a sensitive, caring approach and a genuine ability to quickly gain rapport and communicate with people at all levels and ethnicity.

In my role at The Royal Children's Hospital Safety Centre Australia's first internationally designated Affiliate Safe Community Support Centre of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion) I have attended several designations of communities’ ceremonies as an ISC in Australia and several countries overseas.

 In the over two decades at the Affiliate Support Centre I  have been involved in a number of desktop reviews and a large number of site visits from an observer’s perspective or community safety practitioner and participant. I have worked closely with local governments throughout their application for ISC accreditation and provided ongoing support to these local governments. I have presented on the ISC criteria and process to local, national and international Safety Centre guests and Local Governments that have been interested in exploring the ISC for Council staff, and now have continued to do so  in my role as Executive Officer for the Victorian Safe Communities Network (VSCN).

I have supported the initiation, development and writing of reports. I have read many ISC reports and reviewed eleven in total.

Total number of designation ceremonies actively participated in: many.

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