News from the communities

Here we publish news from the communities

14th Safe Community in Japan
Izumiotsu City, Japan had an on-site evaluation by the certifiers, Prof. Shumei Wang and Prof. Koustuv
Dalal on Aug. 9-10, 2016. In the on-site evaluation, Izumiotsu explained about overviews of the
community and system of injury surveillance followed by six taskforce committees; Child Safety,
Suicide prevention, Traffic Safety, Crime Prevention and Disaster preparedness. To show what they have
done, various materials related to safety promotion such as leaflets, safety maps, slogans and others
made by the taskforce committees were exhibited on the wall of the venue.
Between presentations, the student workshop for smart use of the smartphones, fall prevention dance by
senior group and skit on how to support the elderly with dementia were demonstrated.
After the presentations, certifiers made comments and gave advices for further improvement of the SC
programs. The certifiers commented as “Each of the city government and the community have
established good relationship and taking very good responsibilities” “We can see how many people are
involved and how much efforts have been put on SC programs” At the end of the review by the certifiers,
Izumiotsu City got an approval to become a member of the international Safe Community Network.
It was also great honor for Izumiotsu to have Mr. Michael Wilson as the observer, delegates from the
Mainland China and twelve Japanese communities in addition to the community residents to share the
achievement and experience for safety promotion.
The designation ceremony was held Oct. 29, 2016.