Yanji Xincun, Yangpu District

Yanji Xincun Community

Name of the Community: Yanji Xincun Sub-district, Shanghai Country: China

Number of Inhabitants in the community:90,334

Safe Community Programme started year:October 2008

Re-Designation Year:2012

Name of the Certifying Centre:Safe Communities Foundation New Zealand

Application including comments: http://www.ki.se/csp/pdf/application_a/yanji_2012.pdf Application Review Summary: http://www.ki.se/csp/pdf/review/yanji_2012.pdf http://www.ki.se/csp/pdf/asessment/yanji_2012.pdf

For further Information contact:
Name:Yu Baiqing
Institut:Yanji Xincun Subdistrict Office of Yangpu District, Shanghai Address:No.77 Middle Yanji Rd, Yangpu District

Zip Code:200093 Municipality/ City: Shanghai Country:China

Tel:+86-21-55223327 E-mail: ppl_1210@sina.com

Info address on www for the institution: www.shyp.gov.cn

Safety Promotion and Injury Intervention Programs:

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