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After about 3 decades since the Stockholm Manifesto for Safe Communities was launched (1989), the Tampere Declaration has reinforced the Safe Community movement by stating among its “call to action for stronger Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion” when they stated the following:

Build community capacity to identify local injury and violence priorities and to take effective action to prevent injuries and violence and improve outcomes. Develop local platforms to engage multiple stakeholders in dialogue and advocacy, such as those created through the Safe Communities movement.

 Leif Svanström, Chair International Safe Community Certifying Centre

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Certify your Community

We have a big network and a lot of experience! To be certified requires a systematic, evidence based work based on quality management.


Our certifiers have a long experience and are well educated and In depth knowledge of the criteria and process required for International Safe Community accreditation.


Safety 2016 conference in Tampere Finland September 2016 The 23rd International Safe Community Conferece Novi Sad, Serbia October 10-12, 2017